Michelle Kineone Tattoo; Living Out Not Just Her Own Dreams

Michelle Kineone Tattoo; Living Out Not Just Her Own Dreams
September 21
10:30 2017

Michelle from Kineone Denmark; Incredible artist with an eye for the abstract!

Michelle is quite the young artist to watch out for, already firmly established as a talented tattoo artist having only worked 6 years. She has an eye for detail and creates some of the best work we have seen out there.

Tattooing that is all about freedom and creativity:

For Michelle tattooing is more than anything about the freedom. She herself loves doing abstract realism, as the style for her tattoos. This is exactly because she feels this style, allows her to have as much creative freedom as possible. She feels she can basically create anything she likes and wants to, within this style.

She loves that she gets to be incredibly artistic with the abstract in her style, while it allows her to create whatever she wants, making it fit the body. However, she has always been fascinated with the realistic style. It just came naturally to her, the first couple of times she tried doing it, something in her just synced u and she knew she loved it.

She loves how it can seem like something random, but actually the tattoos are well planned out and thought over. It is a kind of ordered chaos, which she loves dearly within her tattoos.

Being a Tattoo Artist; From Hate To Love:

Michelle’s father was a home tattooer. Doing tattoos at home, he never really got the chance, to go professional in a studio. But it seems like he always had a dream of becoming a recognized professional tattoo artist.
So he kind of saw an opportunity of living out that dream, through his daughter Michelle.

Indeed he wanted her to start learning at the mere age of 12, so he was quite keen on Michelle becoming a successful tattoo artist. However, Michelle didn’t want anything to do with tattooing at that age. She actually thought it was gross and icky, with the blood and all that. But as luck would have it, 2 years later on her dads birthday, Michelle had no gifts for him. So what she ended up giving him, was the gift of her doing a tattoo and low and behold, Michelle got hooked from that day.

Now, as you may realize already, she absolutely loves being a tattoo artist. Despite her quite ironic introduction to the job, she now looks at it in a new light. It is one of the few jobs in the world, where you get to do your hobby, the thing you love, and earn money doing it. But even more than that, there is the freedom of the job and the joy you bring to the people you tattoo, which fills her with passion and love for what she does.  The look on peoples face, when you create the tattoo they dream of.

Ever Critical of her own work; so she keeps improving and growing:

Michelle simply can’t pick a favourite tattoo she has done. She is far too critical of her own work, to have anything she can really call a favourite. She does love every tattoo she does. But she can always find something she wants to improve on, for the next tattoo.

She is proud of a lot of tattoos she has done, especially a co-op she did with one of her idols. But her constant self-criticism, keeps pushing her to improve as an artist and get even better.

But she feels incredibly privileged doing what she does. Because of her very loyale and awesome clientele, every time she has a tattoo she dreams of doing, she gets to do it. It feels incredible, especially considering, how tough it was to get clients at all, when she started out. Yet now, she has awesome regulars, who also give her a lot of freedom with her designs.

Final Comments:

Because of her young daughter, Michelle has to focus on being a mom as well. But she is getting to the age, where she is old enough to handle her mother travelling around. When that happens, Michelle plans to travel a lot more with her art again. To see the world and tattoo lots of awesome people, visiting clients in other countries too.


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    René V P September 21, 13:43

    Proud of my girl every day. Not many fathers get to see their dreams live on in their children. She is an awesome tattoo artist, and my daughter.

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