Mia Dolls is a famous French beauty who is admired by people around the world. She’s an internationally published tattoo model and performer. She took part in many photo sessions and clips. You can find her in the video of such artists as NTM, Seth Gueko, Kaaris, Siboy, etc. Her beautiful face and body are on the covers a lot of tattoo magazines. As a performer, she offers Strip, Pole, Fire, Snake, Twerk, and Exotic shows. And what many of us consider to be an amazing achievement is that Mia Dolls is also an official Playboy Playmate!



Hi Mia, it’s always so good to talk with you! I wrote a short note about you above. What would you like to add to the most important things about you?

Hi! I’m so happy to be in contact with you again. I would add I’m Creole – I’m from Reunion island which is a French island near Mauritius. I’m also égérie of brands, and I work as a guest on tattoo conventions around the world (where I been lucky to meet you btw). A lot of time and commitment is also required for my online work at mym & onlyfans.


I and I think many other people are curious about how you became Playboy Playmate. Can you tell us about it?

It first started for an interview, for the Italia mag. Then I had to send some pictures to be published with the itw and the guy from office liked them very much. Because of it he organized to make me come for an édito of 5 doubles pages with an Italian model. We had 3 amazing days of photoshoots and I started beeing a playmate. In my career, it was always my main dream to become a playmate.

On stage, one of your skills Is fire and snake dancing. What is more dangerous, fire or snake?

Well, it could depend on many different things. Fire is always dangerous because I can burn myself, but snakes are alive so everything depends on their mood or trust. As for example, the last show you saw me in Poland it wasn’t with my snake. I met him 5 min before showtime… It was kind of scary but nothing bad happened! Could you imagine this?


You can also do Pole Dance. I don’t dance myself but I am sure it is a very hard and demanding passion. How long have you been doing this and how did your Pole Dance story begin?

Humm… I started pole dance on my own. Just for the show. I mean I didn’t want to go to classes and learn step by step. I wanted to learn pole skills to perform directly on stage. Many of my friends are champions so I always had good tips about my steps from them. I wouldn’t say I’m a pole dancer but I would say I’m a pole performer. Always in exotic ways.


You take part in many photo sessions and music videos. What do you like to do more, pose for photos, or participate in music videos? Here and here you are a model but modeling during a session and video is not equal to each other I guess. Will you agree with me or do you have other insights on this?

Both are very different. I feel really confident in both. Seriously I’m not sure I could even choose one of them. I like both. And yes, you are totally right – it is so different and this is why I like it so far. I’m the kind of person that gets bored really easily so work for different things is my long way skills to continue. 

What do you consider your greatest achievement to date and what would you most like to achieve in the future?

Playmate! I mean… Wow, I made it! It is amazing to being playmate as a tattoo model and not in a ”bimbo” style. It was kind of a long way of questioning myself and trying. The key is clear – believe in yourself. If you know you can do it, you will do it. “Nobody will be YOU at YOUR place” is my motto. I would love to work for more brands as égérie and to have more and more successful in my online platforms more and more. Come follow me around! 



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All photos were taken by Kamila Burzymowska.