Merette Brandt From Finland

Hello, What´s your name and where are you based?
– My name is Merette Brandt, my company name is Buzzing Bee Tattoo
and I’ve been renting a chair in Simply Tattoo at Jyväskylä, Finland for five years now.

How long have you been into tattooing?
– I’ve been tattooing now five years.

What is your favorite style of work?
– I love to mix all kind of styles and I wanna learn more!
I do line and dotwork, also black and grey and colour tattoos.

How long have you been doing this style of tattooing?
– I started with the dotwork first and small colour works, then slowly went to black and grey.

Do you have any other interests in the world of body art, besides tattoos?
– No, tattooing is my only interest for now.

Where would you love to travel, for work?
– Almost anywhere in the world!

Any future plans?
– I want learn more about the different kind of tattooing styles.

Do you prefer rotary or coil machine, and why?
– I use coil machines, ´cause I like it old school! I also like to work fast and coil is better option for that.

Any artist that are your biggest inspiration?
– There are so many amazing artists so I cannot choose.

Where can our readers see more of your work?
On  instagram you can find my work under my name @merette_brandt