Memento; Tattoos Take Center Stage:

Even if you have never seen the movie Memento, most of us have heard about this movie. It was renowned when it came out 18 years ago now (wow). It became renowned, not just for its interesting story, which did the strange thing of beginning with a plot twist, instead of ending with it (don’t worry no spoilers here, yet). But another thing it became renowned for, was it’s main character Leonard.

The movie was based on a novel called ‘memento mori’, but one might say, that certain aspects of the movie and its main character. This is because one of the main plot devises in the story, is the tattoos the main character Leonard adorns his body with. He tattoos himself in throughout the story at key moments (see, still no spoilers).

The reason we bring up this movie. Is because it was amazing for his time. It was at the time pretty much unheard of, to have really heavily tattooed characters, appear in movies (yes it still was in the year 2000). But to then go as far, as to make him the main character and even to make the tattoos a plot device that helps drive the story. That was unheard of and very brave of the director.

Final Comment:

Memento, perhaps it was ahead of its time. The closest we can come to tattoos playing such a role in a movie lately, is the animated movie Vaiana/Moana. Hopefully we will start seeing more directors be braver when it comes to body-art of all kinds, in their movies. It will be exciting to see what the future brings.

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