Melvin Tay; This Years Artist of Honor all the way from Singapore!

Melvin Tay; This Years Artist of Honor all the way from Singapore!
May 05
19:03 2017

Melvin Tay, sticking to his Asian culture with an abstract Twist:

Melvin Tay, who tattoos out of his own studio in Singapore, specialises in oriental, chinese and abstract tattoos.
He loves mixing the styles together, both to pay homage to his own culture. But also to give it his own twist, creating his own touch on the style. He feels it is where he belongs, the oriental and Asian styles, it makes him feel at home.
He truly loves his own culture, doing all he can to pay homage to it and do it justice. Through doing all he can, to deliver the best quality tattoos possible, which he succeeds at fully.

A particular image that Melvin loves to tattoo on people, is the Zhong Kui “Suji”. He loves it both for the image itself, but also because of what it means to some people. The Chinese indeed believe that these tattoos, ward off evil spirits and bad luck etc. Other than that Melvin has his own code of honor and integrity. He will, for example, not tattoo anyones head, face or hands, no matter what they offer him.  However, he loves tattooing peoples ribs. He believes it is an area he has an easy time controlling, as well as a nice size area for tattoos.

Melvin at 50 Shades of Ink 2017 Helsingborg:

Despite how far Melvin has to travel to get to Sweden and indeed Helsingborg, it was his second time attending the convention. His second year in a row in fact, which shows how much he loved it the first time around. Melvin did however, think the convention had gotten even better this year. It was much better because there was more high level artists, from a greater variety of different countries. He feels it is a good reasonable convention to attend, both for the reason’s mentioned already, but also because of it’s manageable size. Also, he feels it is a great convention to attend, to learn other peoples cultures.

He indeed wants to come back next year once again, which we all at Mediazink hope he will. We even awarded him the artist of honor award, for supporting us so thoroughly, to travel so far twice and wanting to come back a third time, he is a great artist with a loyal heart. He is also already booked to attend, the 50 Shades of Ink Copenhagen convention, later this year. Melvin Tay is delighted to be featured by Mediazink, having heard of us through one of our MOB’s at last years convention. We look forward to seeing more of Melvin, around Scandinavia.

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