What is Mega Partnering?

The vision of Mega Partnering simply started as a way to get successful people together in a room to network, learn and do deals together. But since the first Mega Partnering it has evolved as a global phenomenon where people from all over the world fly in for this one event. It’s like the Super Bowl of all events where people find real partnerships, deals and opportunities. No matter what your net-worth is, when you walk into the room it doesn’t matter everyone is there to accomplish the same thing. Mega Partnering World wide has also created a place where entrepreneurs are able to create or increase their brand by having pictures with celebrities and business tycoons. In business it’s not what you know, it’s not who you know, it’s who knows you. You never know who you are going to meet at Mega Partnering and who you will develop a life long friendship, relationship, or partnership with.

What’s Different?

I know there are conferences all over the world but Mega Partnering is 4 days of hardcore networking, learning and also giving back. It’s not one of those rah-rah events or people running to the back every 90 minutes to buy stuff. Billionaires and celebrities don’t run to the back to buy stuff. There is no dancing or massaging each other, everybody is wearing a suit and tie and preferably a JT Foxx Tie, yes I have my own tie and suit company. At this Mega Partnering 9 we even added a “Let’s Make A Deal” cocktail party where the object is to leave the cocktail party with 5 joint ventures, business partnerships or strategic alliance. I am telling you I have seen people close property deals right there at the conference.

Mega Partnering 9 Theme

The theme at this year’s Mega Partnering 9 will be “Copy, Imitate & Steal 900 Business, Real Estate, Strategies, Marketing, Branding, Sales, Online Ideas that will help you Start, Grow, Explode and Maybe take you Global in the next year”. Every speaker will be required to give at least 30 unique ideas that they have made a fortune on and how you can do the same just by copying it or doing it your way. These will be tangible strategies that will be able to improve your bottom line ASAP and make the end of 2014 your best year and set up 2015 as a record year.