Celebrating with the Champions
As we know, most of the Tattoo Atists have some side passion after their work.

some of the players in the shop
The men of this story have himself his own.Like many other artist goes crazy for, fishing, hunting, extreme sports or other passions, for JEFF  (TATTOO WORLD TRANSYLVANIA) after family and work is one more very important thing in life.

KARI RAUHANEN from Finland the former coach of the Champions
This is ICEHOCKEY. His favorite team Corona Brasov Wolves the en title Champion af the Romanian National Hockey League.

Polc Petres

How the team performance let his mark in everydays life of Jeff, now it was the time to return this. After he put his ink on many of the players even the coach’s skin, becoming the favorite and exclusive Tattoo Artist for the team, now he put his mark also on the home of Wolves.


The Home penalty box wearing the banner of Tattoo World Transylvania. After he made his art on many famous sportsmens and celebrities he took the chellenge and now for his beloved team he designed and made the new mascot, what will be presented official next week.


Good job Jeff !