A Friendly Piece Of Advice; It’s Not An Order Just Advice:

Before our top tips, we here at Mediazink would first like to make a disclaimer: We are not saying you have to follow our advice. We make these tips, in  order to help people better their tattoo experience, should they so wish. These are based on our opinions and experiences. If you yourself have another experience, or another idea of what makes a great tattoo. Then that is great! Because the one thing we should all be able to agree on is that the wearer of a tattoo, is the first person who should be pleased with it.

With that said, we hope you enjoy our list below and feel free to comment with your thoughts and Ideas.

Top 5 Tips To Assure You Get an Awesome Tattoo:

  1. Research your artist and there style beforehand;

    It’s important that you know what your artist is good at. But it is even more important, that you like their style of tattooing. If someone is great at the style you love it makes for a better tattoo. Forcing an artist to tattoo in a style they are not good at, only makes for a worse tattoo for you.

  2. Involve your artist in the design process;

    We have mentioned this one before in other articles. But this is very dear to us and to many tattoo artists out there. Whether you come in with an idea right out of your thoughts, with a drawing by yourself or a friend etc. or you just love a certain tattoo the artist has designed already. Do involve them in the process. Make it a project you guys complete together. It will make both you and your artist, much more invested. Plus you will both be happier with the end result.

  3. Don’t go price/bargain hunting!

    This sadly happens a lot today and we won’t get into why here. But as an old tattoo motto says; “good tattoos are not cheap and cheap tattoos are not good”. Basically, you should rather find an artist who can create your dream tattoo, in just the style you love, with the level of skill you dream of.
    Rather than just going to the first and best artist you find, who will do it cheap. Remember, it is not a race.

  4. Let your artist guide you and don’t be scared to ask;

    Basically, even though you might have the “perfect idea” in your head. Give listening to your artist a try. They do after all have much more experience, placing designs on the body. Which, trust us, is not the same as drawing on paper at all. So before you place that dream design on your thigh, let your artist take a gander, it might fit better on your wrist or your ribs etc. After all placement is key.

  5. Come down to the shop if possible; 

    It is of course understandable in some cases, that this may not be possible. If you live in the US and your artist lives in Germany, an email correspondence is sadly necessary. But if you are at all able to do it, please go.
    It helps so much with the planning of your tattoo, that you show up and actually talk to your artist. They can see the spot you want the tattoo in, planning to position better. They can also get a read on you and guide you better, about the motive of your tattoo and so on. All in all, it is more important than you think and most artist love when clients come and actually discuss their tattoo in person.

Final Comments:

Right we here at Mediazink hope these tips will help you guys. Whether it is your first tattoo or the 50th, we still hope you enjoyed our tips and that they might help you. Please keep an eye on Mediazink for more awesome articles and reviews. Also, remember to follow us on Instagram (@Mediazink_Official), Facebook and YouTube.