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Marcin Insekt


How long have you been tattooing and how did you start your tattooing journey?


Hi All! Actually My journey with tattooing started long time ago. The date is easy to remember as it’s 1.2.3…. 1st of February 2003 i did my first tattoo on customer. I was under 16 that time so by now it’s already more than half of my life. Beginnings wasn’t to hard as my dad own the tattoo shop and he teach me step by step how to do tattoos. Today i don’t think it was good idea to start so early but this story is maybe for another time. 



Do you remember what was the first tattoo you did? If so, tell us what it was and for who.


Of course i remember, it was a tribal tattoo. Not to big, maybe around 12-13 cm. Half of it was shaded, another half was black. I did it for my dad on his leg, as i said before, he was teaching me so it was kind of exercise and we pay more attention to learn than about actual design. His leg was kind of a sketchbook, as he was teaching few other people to make tattoos before me.



Please, tell us about your current tattoo style and how it has changed over the years.


At the moment I am working in 2 styles: realism (the most important thing is to create something exactly like on a picture). I’m doing both, black and grey and color realism but i prefer a color. Especially i love works where you have first plan sharp with lots of details, and the background is blurry and mysterious. This style evolved  and still evolving as I’m still learning so I’m better and better every year.

Second style I’m working with is surrealism. In this case, I’m preparing my designs in special 3d graphic program. This is very time consuming but is giving you almost endless possibilities to work with shape and light. Most of my surrealistic works are dark, kind of evil and creepy. I love to adding to them some subliminal message or even very controversial one. In this style only limit is your imagination…sometimes i think it might cause problems because if you have endless possibilities and all your imagination with you, you might drive yourself in to the blind corner.

My journey with surrealistic style started few years ago and still evolving. I still have a lot to learn in this style and i can promise you – this is not the end of  my evolution and my designs. I’m quite lucky too, as most of my customers love odd tattoos and they giving me a free hand with designs too. So i have freedom with designs, but is also great responsibility.. I hope more and more customers will come to me for my surrealistic designs.



Does anyone or anything inspire you?


I can be inspired by everything, and I’m not saying about some paintings or art stuff. Is all about Topic/subject especially those controversial one can inspired me the most. My head is full of ideas then that’s how most of my custom designs were created . Sometimes my customers giving me great ideas to work with, And the most important is final product i created rather than the way i was working on it.



Are there any tattoo artists who are extremely admirable to you? If so who?


There is a lot of great artists out there. And every day you can find more and more great tattoos and artists over social media platforms like Instagram Facebook etc. But at this times, you have to watch carefully…there is a lot of tools like Photoshop with all types of filters, so people can upgrade their work without telling you about it.. But if you ask me about artists I admire there is definitely one i totally respect! David Jorquera, he is a real artist, he can do paintings, tattoos, everything is right in his work(light, shades, colors…). this is type of artist i admire. I feel I’m very lucky person to meet him at some point and even happier to be a friend with him!



Do you have any memorable tattoo story or a customer that has stuck with you through all the time you have been tattooing?


During all those years i had a lot of situations and stories which was funny, horrible or even uncomfortable for me. If you ask me for one specific story it will be one which happen at the beginning of my journey as a tattoo artist. In those years, i didn’t have so many customers like today and a lot of time it happen i just do walk-ins without any bookings etc. That day i was by myself in the studio. And suddenly i saw a guy in the door, you could say straight away this is someone out of law…

He wanted to cover some old tattoo on his neck, and after short talk we found the design for him so i started preparing to work. When i was ready i asked him to take out his jumper. When he took it down i saw he’s carrying a gun behind his belt.. he took that gun, put to my hand and asked me if i can put it somewhere safe. During tattooing we had a chat, and  he turned out to be a very nice person. After we finished he paid with no problem and i had to remind him that i still have his gun as he almost forget about it. He took the gun, he put it behind his belt.  And just like that, as mysteriously as he arrived, he was gone. 



Is there any art form that fascinates you also except tattooing? Maybe do you have any other passion or something that you really enjoy doing? 


Even after so many years in tattoo industry i can say i still have a great fun doing this. Especially now when i know my skills and I’m confident in it. Tattooing is my hobby, passion and a style of life. I have never worked in other jobs and i didn’t do anything except for tattooing, and i can’t see myself doing something different. I had a moments  in my life when i tried to find some other hobbies, i was playing speedball & paintball, i was rally driver and co-driver, i was driving on quad. But even if those stuff was cool, the tattooing was always on 1rst place in my life so i dedicate most of my life into tattoos.



Do you like visiting or exhibiting at tattoo conventions? Would you recommend any of them?


Taking a part as exhibitor – yes of course, taking a part as a visitor – no, not really. Tattoo conventions are great opportunity to show yourself to people/potential customers. Is great place to meet your friends from industry or just to meet new people. I’m trying to visits around 10 conventions a year but I’m thinking to decrease this number. I also had a pleasure to taking a part in convention as a Jury which was always great fun but also you have great responsibility and a lot of work. Which conventions are the best? Of course the polish one – they are my favorite, we have really high skill of work and artists and everything is organized really professional. And of course atmosphere is great too.



Any artist you planning to get tattooed by? Who has tattooed you already?


I’ve got my first tattoo when i was 14.. by now, it was covered 2 times already. I started very early that’s why i have few cover ups, i also needed to use some laser to get rid of old ink. At the moment i have only one artist im regularly getting inked of. Is the guy i mentioned in previous question: David Jorquera. He already covered few of my old tattoos, and i still have few more to go and he also did a great sleeve for me! This is definitely not the last one I’m getting from him.



What are your plans and dreams? If you think about yourself in 10 years, what do you see?


This is a hard question. I am kind of person who live day by day, I don’t like to plan ahead, so is very hard to answer what i will be in 10 years from now. I’m trying to live and behave with harmony with myself. I have a lovely wife which i love most in my life, I have a great studio with amazing trustworthy people I’m working with – so even when I’m not there they can manage all studio perfectly. The only thing i can wish from now is more time i can spend with my family and myself. I think this is only matter of time to achieve this.

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