Mea Culpa Irons; Coils Straight Out of London:

Mea Culpa Irons, a london based machine manufacturer, trying to bring their brand of hard work and integrity, to the business. They are growing and growing as a business these days and expanding there clientele base.
They make some really beautiful machines and in their own words, they swear by Coil Machines:

Coil Power
Mea Culpa Irons is a Tattoo Machine manufacturer based in London UK
We manufature traditional coil machines using cast iron frames and precision materials.
Assembled and tuned by professionals for professionals
Their philosophy seems to be one of traditional London/British values to some extent. Creating machines whose main point is to work well and perform great. It is not about pimped out machines, that need to look out of  this world and impress visually. It is about creating tools, tools that the artists can trust and that will help them create beautiful tattoos.

2018 © Tina Korhonen/

The Interview:

1. How long has your company existed and where are you based?

It’s hard to tell exactly when we started but we have been making machines for over 5 years but available to the public from about 2 years. This is when we built the website and all our social media. There was some demand for our stuff and we decided to create ways that everyone around the world could order from us
We’re based in London UK.

2. What got you guys into the tattoo irons business?

Some years ago, tattoo machines were not as available as they are today nor as good. Many of the ones available were made with cheap materials and parts that did not make up for a good durable tool. Over time we started exploring ways to make this better. Eventually the decision was to make our own cast iron frame and find the right materials along with the specific geometry to make a frame and components that work great together. Most importantly, we wanted to make a machine that can be standard tuned and able to offer something with the same quality in each of the units we make.
There are many builders out there doing great work but we thought having a machine that can be a standard would do great for everyone. If you try one, you know what to expect on the next one as our tunings and set-up is kept as a standard for all

3. How many countries do you sell your machines to now?

The need we had to have a website opened up a lot of possbilities. We currently sell to the whole world through there. It was a great way to make it available to everyone no matter where you are. We even made the shipping standard no matter where you are.
We are also working up some partnerships with some shops who are selling our machines. It’s a great way to be able to try them in person and have a feel of them. If you’re in Barcelona, make sure to pop by BlackShip and give it a go.
You can always find us in some conventions around the world

4. What makes for a good tattoo machine?

That’s a tough one to answer. What works well for some people may be other people’s nightmare. We always like to compare it to guitars: everyone has their favourite and variations can be so many. It’s down to what feels good and enables you to work out the tattoo you have in mind
From our point of view, we decided to go for a standard tuning that works softly on the skin but with a nice hit and working at low voltages. This is what we have found to offer the best outcome in terms of both lining and shading without damaging the skin too much. Ideal for larger pieces
Everyone that gets machines from us tends to adjust it slightly to their needs. some prefer quicker and harder hitting and some others softer machines. The range we offer has a bit of everything for everyone

5. What type of machine do you guys prefer and why? if there is one?

We currently make light to medium and heav liners and also shaders. Everyone’s favourite is the Heavy Liner. It’s a machine for bold lining. Great for outlining large pieces and traditional work. Seems to be everyone’s go to tool

6. What are the dreams and plans for the Mea Culpa Brand?

Some ideas for the coming year and the near future.  There are some new models coming up and some new colours we will be lauching soon. Also to continue to work with the artists we sponsor. It’s been great to have a chance to work with all of them and able to learn what works best for everyone. They are doing some amazing work using some of our machines.

The idea from day one was to do great machines that are affordable and hard working. We shall continue to do so

Final Comment:

Mea Culpa Irons, we all know that no craftsman is anything without good tools. That seems to be the philosophy these guys live by, as they create their machines. However, the tools in this case, are beautiful in their simple design, and if they are as durable as they look and work as well. Then these are some brilliant machines for any tattoo artist.

2018 © Tina Korhonen/

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