Maud Wagner;History Fun Fact Vol. 24

Maud Wagner;History Fun Fact Vol. 24
March 11
19:00 2018

Maud Wagner; First Ever Female Tattoo Artist:

This week we are talking about Maud Wagner. We are doing this in honor of this week, being the week of the international women’s day. A day where we celebrate women all over the world. Especially women who have made a name for themselves, in what many see as a very male dominated world. Maud is definitely one of these women.

Today it is more normal than ever before, for women to be a big part of the tattoo community. Indeed most statistics worldwide, show women as being tattooed more often than men. There are even more female tattoo artists than ever before. So some stigmas and prejudice have been moved throughout the years, in thanks to women like Maud Wagner.

Maud Wagner was not only a heavily tattooed woman, back as early as 1904. She was also the firs known female tattoo artist in North America, perhaps even worldwide. Truly she was pushing many boundaries, as the business and culture of tattooing, was extremely male dominated at that time.

The Life of Maud:

Maud and her family

Maud lived her life from 1877 to 1961. Throughout her life she did many things, namely becoming one of the first female tattoo artists. But before that she was a circus performer. A job during which, she showed off her heavily tattooed body, while performing as an arealist and cortotionist.

During this career she met her husband to be, while travelling around with circuses, which he also happened to be doing, though as a tattoo artist. The two fell for each other quickly, Maud gave Gus Wagner (as his name was), a date in exchange for him giving her a lesson in tattooing. They later married.

As if it wasn’t impressive enough that Maud herself became a tattoo artist back in her time. Her daughter with Gus, little Lotteva, became a tattoo artist like her mother and father, at the tender age of 9. After quitting the circus, Maud traveled around with Gus for some time, as tattoo artists, but also as tattooed attractions for people to look at.

Final Comment:

We hope that especially our female fans, will like this intallment of our series. There is a lesson for all young women today, in what Maud accomplished. Be yourself, work hard and become what you want to be. Don’t let anyone push you around or tell you you are worth any less, than anyone else. Have a great week and year ladies, best wishes from us at MediaZink.

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