Mastectomy Tattoos; Healing Through Ink

Mastectomy Tattoos; Healing Through Ink
March 25
18:59 2018

Mastectomy Tattoos; Some Women Choose Ink Over Trauma:

Mastectomy Tattoos, as some of you guys may know from our previous article. Are becoming an increasingly popular choice, for women whom have suffered from breast cancer. Although we are sure many of you guys already know about this phenomena, we would still like to explain it shortly.

Mastectomy tattoo, with Implants.

Basically after a woman has had a Mastectomy, having either one or in some cases both breasts removed, many of them feel very vulnerable. Not just mentally, from going through something as harrowing as cancer. But also physically, as cancer and the mastectomy both, take their toll on their bodies.

Many women don’t feel they recognize themselves anymore and they have trouble identifying with their new scarred visage. At least that is the case for some women. Among these women, some choose to go under the needle and cover these scars (or at least accentuate them in a much prettier way), by getting mastectomy tattoos.

Tattoos As Therapy and Healing:

Some of you guys may ask yourselves “how does this help these women? isn’t it just a tattoo?”. To that we would say you only need to look at reports of what these women say, in order to get a grasp of how much it helps them.
As the tattoo artist David Allen (JAMA, Febuary 2017), these tattoos become therapy for the women that get them.

Mastectomy Tattoo without Implants.

The tattoos become a new reference point for the women that get them. They become a way for them to reclaim their bodies and their identities. The tattoos also help them get over the trauma, by helping them reconnect with their bodies and bodily identity (Strubel and Jones, 2017, journal of Popular Culture Vol. 50 Issue 6.).

Floral Design Mastectomy Tattoo by David Allen.

This is one way in which tattoos can help people. In this case with breast cancer survivors, through careful consideration to each individuals own personal experience. A tattoo can be created that helps them view their body image in a positive way again. Through this improvement of their own body image, through helping them reflect on what they went through. The tattoos help these women heal.

Hairstylist and model, Allyson Lynch (30) , Mastectomy tattoo with implants and stages of the tattoo process.

Final Comment:

We here at MediaZink salute those women, who have survived breast cancer. Whether they have tattoos or not, these women are truly strong and they are fighters. We know it is not for everyone getting tattoos and we are not trying provoke more women to get tattoos. All we are doing is calling attention to some awesome women, as well as a cool way tattoos can help people in.

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