Martin Wood; Skull Loving Multi Talented Artist:

Martin Wood or Marv as he is more endearingly known among friends. Is an awesome tattoo artist we had the joy of meeting at this years Scottish Tattoo Convention (along with his partner Little Kaja). One thing that immediately caught our eye about Marv, was the fact that he seemed capable in any style we could come up with. Browsing through his portfolio you would see anything from New-school to photo realism, all done with great skill and detail.
Like some of the great old timers, Marv made it his mission to be capable in all styles of tattooing. However he does seem to have an awful fondness for skulls in any style, not that we mind.

The Interview:

1. Where are you from? What age are you? and how long have you been tattooing for?

I’m from Edinburgh, Scotland and I’m 34 years old. Been tattooing for 5 years give or take.

2. The name of your current studio and where is it located?

I work full time at FHT Bathgate in Scotland.

3. How would you describe your style of tattooing/the style of your tattoos?

I would say my style is a mix of everything. I enjoy doing every style individually from realism to abstract but I particularly love new school and neotraditional.

4. What is it you love about that style?

I love the obscure colour choices and use of perspective. Love how the style doesn’t dictate how things should be drawn or scaled.

5. What is your favorite thing about being a tattoo artist?

I feel really lucky to wake up every morning being excited to go to work. Every day is a school day with tattooing and you learn more and more about this craft from speaking to fellow tattoo artists and tattooing different clients.

I love the freedom it gives me to travel the world and also work with my travels.

6. What got you into tattooing?

I was brought up around art as my mum is an artist.  I’d say my passion for tattooing came from my dad who since I can remember had tattoos and time to time bought tattoo magazines which I tried to copy from. From that point on I always wanted to become a tattoo artist.

7. What inspires your tattoos(and art) the most?

That’s a hard question as I get inspired by everything. At the moment I’d say I’m getting inspired by animators and comic book artists.

8. What is your favorite tattoo you have ever done or seen?

Any skull I’ve ever done is my favourite as I enjoy doing skulls. As for the best tattoo I’ve ever seen, I don’t think I can pick as there is so much amazing work being shown on a day to day basis by so many amazing artists. It would be impossible to single one out.

9. Do you have a dream tattoo, that you want to do on someone in the future?

I’ve always wanted to do a collaboration with my partner Kaja. We’ve been talking about this for a while and we would both benefit and progress as artists if we worked on a pice together. Designing it and tattooing it together.

10. Do you have any future plans, you would like your fans and the readers at Mediazink, to know about?

I’m looking forward to doing more conventions and doing guest spots with my partner in Slovenia. And just getting to see a bit of the World and meeting nice, cool people.

Final Comment and Gallery:

Marv is quite the cool guy, very friendly and easily approachable, with a very humble demeanor. But underneath all that, lies a great well of talent for the art of tattooing. It is kind of refreshing, to see someone merely in their 30’s these days, capable of such impressive versatility when it comes to tattooing. Though it is awesome to see so many young artists specializing in cool styles. It is awesome to see someone like Marv, who can do it all, yet still put his own little twist on everything. We feel so happy to announce that anyone going to 50 Shades of Ink in Copenhagen in September, will be able to meet this awesome Scottish tattoo artist.

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