Martin D; Hexagons and Tattoo Love:

Martin D is not your average tattoo collector. He took the internet a bit by storm, with his incredible  hexagon tattoo collection idea. He does have other also very cool tattoos. But this amazing idea is quite ingenious. If you like Martin have hundreds of artists you want work done by, then you will get what he did. Creating loads of hexagons, that artists then get to fill with their favorite style of art.

It is one hell of an incredible idea and it has turned out to be quite the collection. With legends like Ami James, Chris Garver and Tin Tin Le Tatouer, adding their art to their own personal hexagons on Martin. It is an always evolving and incredible piece of art, with tattoos of all thinkable styles incorporated in it. Truly a stroke of genius.

1. What age are you and where are you from?

I’m 38 from London

2. So how long have you been a ninja and what is that all about?

I work for a record label called Ninja Tune so the Ninja moniker has always been a natural fit. All my colleagues are Ninjas!

3. When did you get your first tattoo?

I got my first tattoo in 1997, I was 17 and it was a complete rebellion thing. It’s covered up now but i’ve got plenty of other terrible tribal tattoos from that era of time that go with it!

4. What does the bunnies and your wife think of all your ink?

My wife has a love hate relationship with the ink, She’s really likes a lot of them and she was fundamental in the decision to go with hexagons for the multi artist collection. She was less happy when I, unbeknownst to me, came home with a portrait of Kyle Jenner on my leg – Thanks Carlos Rojas! My bunny passed away after 10 years just before he was immortalised by Mat Rule in his brilliantly unique way. I’m sure Alan always wanted a Bug Bunny head anyway! I now have a puppy Jimmy, who’s got his own hexagon too by way of Gibb0o at the Brighton convention.

5. How much of your body would you say is covered now and how far do you want to go?

I’m probably only 10-15%. Top Half of my back, one half shoulder, wrist, calve, and then the hexagons take up the whole of my right leg above the knee and on to my ribs. I’m going to do the other leg completely with hexagons and i’ve got a full sleeve in mind after a bit of laser on the the old tribal stuff. Every artist I sit with wants to make a wager that i’ll be completely covered in the end – I can’t confidently take that bet!

6. What was the idea behind the hexagon tattoo collection piece? -How did it start?

It started on a trip to New Zealand and Australia, from an idea of how I could get more styles of tattoo and also take advantage of traveling a lot with work. It wasn’t a very solid idea and just morphed into a lucky unique idea that’s fun to add to and artists seem to be in to!

-Have you planned out every single hexagon alraedy?

No hexagons are planned, only the artists. Due to Instagram I’ve learnt a lot about artists in a very short space of time and I now have a wish list of maybe 100 artists i’d love to get ink from. I book in with an artist, either one coming through London, at one of the conventions I go to or in a city i’m passing through. Then I let them have free reign – trust the artist to do something great, that feels like the best way to get good art! It’s working so far, and no cock and balls as yet….

7. Is the hexagon collection your favourite piece, or do you have another favourite in your collection?

I’ve said it before, it’s like picking a favourite child. I have ones that mean different things, remind me of different experiences. The newest one is usually the favourite for a while. But every single one is a favourite, I know it’s cheesy but it’s the truth. Which one do you like best?

8. What will the next project be after the hexagons are all filled in, do you have other interesting tattoo plans?

The hexagon project is going to run and run I think. I have 38 filled, have a new one with Anthony Flemming tomorrow (at the time of writing) and still have 12 more spaces. Then the other leg and then who knows. The sleeve is also in my mind but i’m not in a hurry there. I think I have the two artists i’m going to ask to collaborate on it but I have to go through the laser first and it’s at the back of my head when there are just so many artists I want to add hexagons!

Final Comment:

Martin D with 38 hexagons filled and many more to come in the future, we can’t wait to follow him and see what other incredible artists he will get to add to his collection. It is no wonder that Martin can’t pick a favourite tattoo, we have trouble picking from among his incredible collection ourselves. Hopefully his sleeve will turn out awesome as well, but why wouldn’t it, with his impeccable eye for great artists.

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