Mario barth , one of the big names in the tattoo industry

Mario barth , one of the big names in the tattoo industry
November 10
06:00 2016

Mario barth , one of the big names in the tattoo industry did not become a brand name overnight , rather he had to work hard for his well-deserved fame.

He was born on November 1, 1972 in Berlin, German. Raised in Austria were tattoos were considered a taboo, so it was near to impossible in building up and learning for his passion there, yet he worked underground, took hold of every opportunity and stayed dedicated towards his interest.

He executed his first tattoo at age 12–poking a black skull onto the back of a friend’s hand using a sewing needle and India ink. His parents wouldn’t let him near a needle for the next five years, but Barth was hooked. At 17, he began tattooing friends, and at 23 he opened a shop in his hometown of Graz, Austria, the first legal tattoo studio in the country since World War II.

Through his dedication he has won over 200 international awards and nearly every award at the National Tattoo Association’s conventions–the Oscars of tattooing–from 1991 to 1994.

Barth opened his first American shop, Starlight Tattoo, in Miami’s South Beach though he now owns five tattoo studios including Mario Barth’s Starlight Tattoo at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas as well as his latest venture, King Ink at the Mirage. In addition to these monumental tattooing destinations, Mario Barth is the creator and founder of INTENZE Products, the world’s leading tattoo pigment manufacturer. Hence making him the only tattoo artist with studios on both sides of the Atlantic and is one of the largest domestic producers of tattoo ink. Starlight Tattoo and its ancillary businesses employ 30 people and generate $7 million in revenue a year, with an annual growth rate of more than 150 percent

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Later in life he met Carol Cirignano in Florida, blond, curvy, and tattooed. He asked her to dinner, and at the end of the evening, invited her to come home to live with him. “Here’s the deal,” Barth recalls saying. “I’m going to Florida tomorrow and if you want to come down, I’ll send you a ticket.” Three days later, one-way ticket in hand, Cirignano flew to Miami and moved in. They married in 2001. Barth was just as impetuous when Cirignano asked him to move back to New Jersey with her, a mere six months after they met. He obliged, quickly opening a shop in Fairlawn, near Cirignano’s mother’s house.

In 2009 Mario hosted and produced The Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino with over 1,000 artists and over 43,000 attendees. This convention set the Guinness World Record for the largest tattoo convention in history.Accepted into some of the most rare and coveted tattoo families in the world. Mario has a full tebori back piece by Horitoshi 1, considered the Holy Grail of tattoos by tattoo enthusiasts the world over. He was also made a Suluape by the sacred Suluape Tatau family in Samoa.

Coming back to his professional struggle, his progress does not end here, he plans to open a studio in all major hubs including Tokyo, Beijing, Milan, Barcelona, Berlin, Los Angeles, and more, which will primarily be run by the people on whom Mario has spent so many years training along with a few other artists.

Today, Barth is the artist of choice for rock stars–including Lenny Kravitz, Ja Rule, and members of My Chemical Romance–as well as athletes such as Diehl and Jason Kidd.

His own words best describe his work, “But I am known to do the impossible.”


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