Maribor Tattoo Convention day 1

Day one at 7th International Tattoo Convention in Maribor Slovenia, was very productive and as usually full of fun. Lot of artists from Whole Europe was competing for prestigious awards.

In 4 categories we have seen many brilliant Tattoo works. It was a very hard time for the jury says Vladimir Petkovic, Mediazink´s trusted part of the convention travelling crew.

We have created the winner list of friday competitions.
Check all the winners after the pictures.

Here is a small selection of pictures from day one.

804543_10152745646734229_1231557852_n - Kopi 11997189_10152745646719229_637543506_n - Kopi 12077473_10152745646724229_451983335_n - Kopi12064141_10152745646859229_90950374_n - Kopi  12076921_10152745646749229_157131835_n - Kopi
12086930_10152745646929229_1636628669_n - Kopi 12165806_10152745646884229_1840922297_n 12067090_10152745646914229_699265685_n - Kopi12086974_10152745646754229_1700955896_n - Kopi 12166928_10152745646924229_1063503638_n - Kopi

Photo: Body Art & Vladimir Petkoviv

Friday winnerlist:

Best Animal Portrait:
1. Nešo (Western Saloon)
2. Goran Mičič
3. Gox Tattoo


Best Color:
1. Simona (Tavči Tattoo)
2. Dejan Tattoo
3. Iva (Siva lobanja)


Best Small tattoo
1. Nives Tattoo
2. Matic (Chebela)
3. M Ink

Best oriental:
1. Cober (Zenica Ink)
2. Igor Mezga
3. Damjan (Damien’s Tattoo)

Best of Friday:
Soul Hunter Tattoo