Macrophages; Science Improving Tattoo Removal:

Macrophages, it is a very fine and scientific word, for cells in your skin that absorb the pigments from your tattoo. Actually as French scientists discovered this year, your tattoo might be forever, but your skin cells actually do die as they normally would. The reason tattoos don’t go away, and why ink will always linger to some degree, even with laser treatment. Is that the dead cells pass on the pigment to new skin cells through macrophages.

In other words, your tattoo pigment/ink stays because of this ability of your skin. But utilizing this knowledge, the researchers believe they can improve tattoo removal. To such an extent that a tattoo can actually be completely removed. By combining laser treatment with killing off the macrophages. The ink will not be sustained in the skin.

This discovery could mean a lot for the world of tattooing and indeed people suffering from tattoo regret. But perhaps it also removes some of the need for people to think long and hard, before they get tattooed. However the treatment (one can only assume) will likely be expensive.

Final Comment:

It will be interesting to see what this research in Macrophages, will bring with it in the future. It is always fascinating to see how science influences and improves our world of body-art. Hopefully it will keep doing so in the future, as technology gets better and better.

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