Lucy Hu – Originally from Guang Zhou, China

Lucy Hu – Originally from Guang Zhou, China
January 15
09:58 2015

Originally from Guang Zhou, China, Lucy Hu was an enthusiast for both tattoo and piercing and got her first tattoo as soon as she turned 16. Ever since then she has dreamed of becoming a tattoo artist.
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In 2002, Lucy started her apprenticeship here at My Tattoo under the supervision of Jess Yen, the founder of My Tattoo Family. After an intense training, Lucy earned her keep and became the official members of My Tattoo Family (out of over 40 apprentices) in 2004. As a second generation of My Tattoo Family, she is a shining star in a male-dominated industry.

Lucy specializes in color custom and feminine tattoo designs and works by appointment only.


Lucy’s friendly smile will surely brighten your day.
Come and see her at this coming
Copenhagen International Tattoo Convention May 15-17th


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