Luca Romeo From Italy; Now in Chaoscrew Munich

1. I’m Italian, 37 years old and I work in this from 11 years.
2. After start in Turin Italy , I had my own shop in Andora Savona IT, then I started to travel…I worked in Barcelona and Seville Spain, right now I’m in Munich, the shop is Chaoscrew but I travel for guest and tattoo convention.
3. I love create and do tattoo in New school style but recently I like a lot work in realism with some abstract combinations.

4. I love the millions possibilities to create something with New school and work with colours in this direction, every time is a new challenge for do better.
Also in realism every time is a new challenge for create something always more near the reality
5. What I like about my work is put outside all that I think and feel in a drawing and in a tattoo, when is possible create a tattoo with my sensations is perfect and awesome for me…it’s the best that I can have from my job.
6. I was always attracted from tattoos, I was child and I had curiosity for tattooed people and the few small tattoo shop in town. I got my first tattoo and I immediately loved this world, I started to be customer often and friend of the tattoo artist and all come from that time…. it’s difficult to explain , only feel really love for this art!!!!

7. I get inspiration from every thing and every where, of course I had and I still have references from other artists, but inspiration for a new project is every where , you need only open your eyes.
8. I love a lot of tattoos from other artists, depends in which direction I can remember artists really crazy that also inspired me.
About my tattoos I want think that the next one is the best, I try to do better every day and grow up like a artist…I hope is the right way.

9. Actually I have not something concrete in my mind, I want every time put on paper and skin my feelings, this is what I like and I hope I will can do this all time that is possible.
10. Future plans for now is travel more like guest and tattoo convention, and why not one day open again my own shop but actually now in Chaoscrew I’m like in a family so we will see.