Louis Molloy

When David Beckham sought the expertise and services of one of the most famous and acclaimed celebrity tattoo artists in Manchester, he knew he was getting the best tattoo experience he could possibly get. Most commonly known for working on the Spice Girls and David Beckham to name a few celebrities, Louis Molloy is one of the most sought after celebrity tattoo artists today.

Back in the 1970’s, Molloy started tattooing even though at that time tattoos and tattoo culture were considered to be a deviant and socially unacceptable subculture. Irrespective of not being able to get any apprenticeship because of the way tattooing was perceived at that time, Molloy trained himself and opened his own studio at the very young age of 18. This Manchester based tattoo parlor later became one of the most frequent tattoo studios in the world, let alone just in Manchester.

One of his most famous artworks includes the back tattoo that he did for David Beckham. This iconic ‘guardian angel’ tattoo features a bald man with his arms spread out horizontally somewhat resembling a crucifix. The angel wings that spread across his entire back from one shoulder to the next is what gives this bald man the characteristic of a guardian angel. Completed with the names of his sons written under the wings, the symbolism and true meaning of the tattoo is rather self-evident.

His diverse style and art have become the reason he has won him the recognition he has gotten at the UK Outstanding Artist of the Year awards, twice. Just 5 years after starting his Middleton Tattoo studio at 18 years of age, Molloy won ‘Outstanding Tattoo Artist of the Year’ award, in 1986. He won it again in 1993. His talent and hard work are the reasons he is still approached by multiple celebrities every day. His T.V. show on the Disney channel called London Ink made his artwork and skills widely known in many different countries.

The Middleton Tattoo Studio owned by Molloy is a place where different kinds of people come to get their visions turned into real pieces of art. The kinds of stories Molloy comes into contact with on a daily basis, enable him to instill life and emotions into his artwork. Most of his pieces are incredibly detailed and feature a lot of different shading techniques.

With more than 25 years of experience under his belt, multiple styles and varieties of tattoos in his repertoire, and a reputation that precedes him wherever he goes, Louis Molloy is easily one of the most famous celebrity tattoo artists of his generation. His hard work has set him apart from everyone else, and is the reason his parlor is still amongst the leading tattoo parlors in the country, despite the existence of hundreds more.