Lotta & Kristian, Drop Dead Tattoo: Roses and Evil S***!

Lotta & Kristian, Drop Dead Tattoo: Roses and Evil S***!
May 03
14:20 2017

Kristian and Lotta; Darkness and Beauty:

Kristian and Lotta who are tattooing out of Drop Dead Tattoo, in Staffanstorp Sweden. They attended this years convention in Helsingborg together, both representing their shop. Other than being extremely friendly and easy to get along with. Both Kristian and Lotta are very skilled artists, who both favor the darker more Gothic aesthetic.
However, as the title may hint at a bit, they have their own favorites within the darker Gothic style.
Lotta is a bit more keen on mixing color into her tattoo, finding the dark beauty, in old stables like roses and skulls.
Where Kristian, as he puts with a big grin on his face, loves tattooing evil shit. He is extremely drawn to the more heavy metal, satanism inspired and macabre styles of tattoos, which he is indeed a master of. Both of them however love to do horror and “death” inspired tattoos. Laughing together as they explain that they just love evil and scary shit, and it makes for great tattoos. A fact that they certainly show off in their work.

However they also just have a general fondness for tattooing images of animals and realistic style tattoos, at least Lotta does. Where as Kristian, he is a bit more keen on doing horror and evil stuff, when he gets free hands for a tattoo. When it comes to their favorite body parts to tattoo, Lotta opts for the calf and Kristian loves back pieces. Both of them favour the respective areas, because they feel they can work with ease and there is lots of room for big tattoos.

50 Shades of Ink Helsingborg 2017 and Mediazink:

They loved this years convention, thinking it was awesome and a good mix of crazy and calm. Especially the size and variety in the crowd, as well as the attending artists was much better this year they felt. However another big attraction for them, was that it all felt like one big family gathering or party. Speaking of party, they also loved the after party, as well as all the entertainment at this years convention.
They definitely want to come back for next years convention, they are even big fans of Mediazink. Having heard of Mediazink through Sullen, they are very excited to be featured by us. As well as knowing that we will keep making more cool conventions, and other awesome tattoo stuff. They loved the atmosphere we have so far been able to create, at the 50 Shades of Ink Convention.

Gallery and Info:

Keep an eye on Mediazink for more awesome contend

Stay awesome people!

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