Lorena Morato; From Street Punk To Tattoo Artist

Lorena Morato; From Street Punk To Tattoo Artist
September 14
15:56 2017

Lorena The Punker; The Road To Tattooing:

When it comes to Lorena Morato, Street punk is not just a slang term. She literally lived as a punker on the streets squatting in abandoned buildings in Spain, which is where her career as a tattoo artist started.
However the now 33 year old beautiful tattoo artist Lorena, she grew up at home like most of us, with her parents. She wanted to be a tattoo artist ever since she was 16, but her mother told her to finish school first. She did that, but she never gave up on her dream. So when she moved out, she went and squatted in Spain, where she started tattooing the other people squatting with her.

She doesn’t regret today that she started out the way she did. But Lorena finds it unfortunate that she never had an apprenticeship. Though she is proud of where she is now and likes the story of how she got her start. She wouldn’t recommend that anyone tries to start on their own, get an apprenticeship and learn the right way.

Lorena; Expert Of The Neo-Traditional With a Dark Twist:

Today Lorena has been tattooing for 12 years. She has fallen in love with the neo-traditional style over the years. However, she tries not to define her style too much. She loves to have freedom in her art, freedom to be imaginative and think of new ways to do things. For example by adding some illustrative effects to her tattoos, moving a bit away from what neo-traditional is.

What she loves about her style of tattooing, is the solid lines and the bold dark colors. She enjoys making her neo-traditional darker than it usually is, to make the tattoo last longer. To make its colors hold up better over time. But what she truly loves about the style, is that it is flexible and that you can make just about anything, within that style.

Lorena; Lover Of Freedom, Art and The Mystical:

Another thing she fell in love with, ever since her modest start to her career, is travelling. She loves being able to do what she loves and taking it all over the world. Meeting new people from so many different places, that she can work anywhere in the world. She also loves how her art can make people happy. How excited and joyful people get, when she creates a dream tattoo for them, on their skin.

She does however, have a couple of favourites, so to speak, among the tattoos she has done. Mainly a few chest pieces she has made, especially she loves to tattoo women’s chests. But in general, she loves all tattoos she has done.

She would however love to do a Kali back piece, as she loves Hindu and Sumerian mythology, their gods and goddesses. She will even be doing a couple of pieces like that, next month. Other than that, she would love to do a full frontal piece on a woman, boobs included.

Final Comments:

When it comes to her future plans, she wants to start painting more again, specifically oil paintings this time. She previously learned how to paint with acrylics, and she feels that improving her painting skills, makes her an even better tattoo artist, especially when it comes to coloring tattoos.
Her art will probably be just as stunning as her tattoos are.

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