Liz Venom; An Incredible Artist with Lots of Flower Power!

Liz Venom; An Incredible Artist with Lots of Flower Power!
June 15
15:14 2017

Who is Liz Venom:

Liz Venom, if you saw this very talented artist in the streets… you would not  you think of that artist name.
looking anything but venomous, with a kind expression. However, if talent was a poison, then damn be aware of Liz! Liz currently tattoos out of Khan Tattoo in Brisbane Australia, where her very colorful tattoo style must fit in, with the vibrant and colorful wildlife.
She is an expert at realistic and colorful flower tattoos, and is always heavily inspired by nature.
Check out this awesome artist and nature lover, in my interview with her.
Spoiler, there is a reason she is one of IntenZe Trailblazers.

Interview with Liz:

1. What is your experience with IntenZe and what do you think about them?

Intenze are a great company, I love that their range of ink was created by a tattooer for tattooers and their ability to capture true earthy natural tones that heal perfectly every time.

2. What is it like being a Trail-blazer for IntenZe?
It is such an honour to be selected as an Intenze Trail-blazer. I have worked for years towards my own unique style and to be recognized for that work, dedication and individuality by a company that is as world renowned as Inenze was such a huge achievement for me.
3. What has it done for you as an artist getting a sponsorship by them, would you recommend sponsorships to other artists?
I have found since becomming an IntenZe Trail-blazer that I have gotten more recognition for my work, with both artists and clients. I would recomend sponsorships to artists whom have something unique to bring to the table and are willing to push themselves every day to represent a brand they truely love.

Now we will get a bit more personal:

4. How would you describe your own style of tattooing?

I think my style is kind of oil painterly, I am heavily influenced by classical, vintage and renaissance painters as well as by nature itself. I focus predominantly on the natural world and love tattooing animals and floral subjects.

5. What is your favourite image to tattoo on people and your favorite body part to tattoo on?

my favourite location to tattoo on people would have to be either the side of a thigh as its a great sized canvass and typicaly doesnt see a lot of sun. My favourite images would have to be roses or wildlife.

6. Who’s your favourite type of client/customer?

I love clients who just want a good piece of art, I really enjoy it when clients dont feel the need to micromanage their art process.

7. What would you like to see happen/change in the tattoo industry in the future?

I would love to see people stop feeling as though they *need* to have meaning for their tattoo. As well as feeling less judged, for just wanting something pretty.

8. Do you yourself have any future plans or projects, that people might be interested to know about?

I have a lot of travel coming up for conventions, and when not globe trotting. I am aiming to focus more on oil

Gallery and Final Comments:

Liz Venom Herself.

 Liz Venom is yet another humble and very talented artist, who pushes the boundaries within her style. Yet another great Trailblazer to look out for. She strives to be unique and definitely succeeds, despite using such universally popular motives, such as flowers and nature. Something like that, truly takes a great artist.
Hopefully if you are lucky, Liz comes by a convention near you, in the future!
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Stay awesome people!

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