Likes and Follows; My Thoughts on Tattooing on Instagram:

Likes and follows, when you scroll through social media, especially on Instagram it seems to be all it is about.
Tattoo artists have of course taken to social media, in this age of the internet. It is an age where sharing your work and getting inspired by the work of others, has never been easier. Artists can communicate, learn from and admire each other, from across the globe.

But it does seem like the whole way Instagram works, has a way of souring the deal sometimes. Instagram is all about popularity, getting the most likes and having the most followers. Of course this will mean that trends play a large part. For example, in the tattoo industry, some styles get more followers than others, people from certain countries, people that do specific tattoo or just artists that are better at pr.

However, what I want to say with this is simply: Having lots of followers and likes, does not necessarily make you a great tattoo artist. There are people with incredible skills out there, who actually don’t have many followers. Just as there are artists with loads of followers, who might not actually be that good. Of course in some cases, the popularity is well deserved and begotten through skill. But it is not in all cases.

Final Comment:

Likes and follows do not make you a great tattoo artist, skill does. Whether you agree with all I have said or follow my short rabbling argument or not. I think we can all agree, that skill is what truly makes a great tattoo artist, no matter the amount of followers or likes on Instagram etc.

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