Lifeguard Tattoo; Helping The Diabetic:

Lifeguard Tattoo is a new campaign currently gaining traction, in the tattoo industry. There are already artists from all over the world taking part in the campaign, all of which who want to make a difference.
The campaign is truly, as it name suggests, about saving lives. In this case it is more precisely meant to help people, that suffer from diabetes and whom have to live with the difficult life circumstances it comes with.

The campaign itself is quite simple. For those interested and who can prove they suffer from diabetes, the tattoo studios who are part of the campaign will tattoo for free. But not just any tattoo, the campaign has its own design.
The design is a light blue circle, within which can be a sign for the type of diabetes, the wearer suffers from (such as a t1 for type 1 diabetes).

The tattoos are done for free, as we mentioned. It is all in order to help these people. In order to create more awareness about the problems, diabetics go through. But just as importantly, if not perhaps most importantly: The tattoos are meant as a guide for EMT’s and other people that might try to help, when a diabetic might suffer from a seizure or collapse, due to their condition.

Final Comment:

Lifeguard Tattoo is yet another example, of the tattoo world coming together, to make a positive difference in the world. Hopefully they will get to save many lives with their campaign, or at least make a lot of people’s lives a little easier. Should you be diabetic and want one of these tattoos, you need to email, and tell them about you and why you want it. Remember to mention which studio you want it done at, so you get it booked in one closest to you. Please go check out more about the campaign.

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