Laura Wøldike; Promising Apprentice Learning From A Legend

Laura Wøldike; Promising Apprentice Learning From A Legend
September 26
13:00 2017

Laura Wøldike; Tattoo Princess of Darkness: 

Laura Wøldike is currently a mere 24 years of age. She is already quite skilled, especially thinking about her mere 4 months of apprenticeship. She currently apprentices under Nis Staack, at Tattorium in Copenhagen.
Despite her clear skill with the needle, Laura however, has no rush and still wants to gain plenty of experience, before she would dare call herself a professional tattoo artist.

She is already starting to find her style within tattooing, though she knows it may change with time. But currently she loves doing neo-traditional and what she would call dark/black-work. Essentially she loves dark tattoos and loads of colours which she can experiment with. She is especially fascinated by the contrast between the two.

Her biggest inspirations though, come from the occult and dark, what other people might find creepy and “evil”, so to speak. As well as animals, especially birds, frogs and insects, to name a few creatures. But indeed the dark, the occult, animals in general, what others might consider unpleasant, is what Laura finds drawing her in and inspiring her art.

Laura herself in front of her collection of all things occult and dark.

Getting Started So Far:

She is very fortunate that she already had a great following on her Instagram page, for a lot of the artwork she was already doing, before she began her apprenticeship. The artwork is very much akin to her tattoo style, a lot of occult, dark and nature inspired art.

But her fanbase followed her along with her friends, which gave her the opportunity, to tattoo a lot of her own designs, even as an apprentice. Though she of course still has to do a lot of small and basic tattoos, like small birds or iffinity signs and the like, but she sees this as part of being an apprentice, so it doesn’t bother her.

She is however greatful, that a lot of her clients find her and seek her out, for her own personal style. It makes her feel very fortunate and grateful, though she knows not everyone is this fortunate while apprenticing.

Falling in love with tattooing:

Tattooing felt very natural to Laura, as she like many other tattoo artist, has always been drawing and painting and such, creating her own art from she was very little. But she never knew, till she tried it, how incredible it would feel to have people love your art so much, they want it permanently on their skin.

It feels amazing, especially when she gets to create the tattoos she herself has designed. Also, getting up every morning, to get to do your art for a living, even though she is only an apprentice, it makes her feel accomplished. But nothing beats the feeling, of people wanting your art permanently tattooed on their skin. That they believe in your skill so much, like what you do that much and allow you to do it on their bodies.

Hyper critical young woman:

Laura has a hard time picking favourites among the tattoos she has done. Not just because she has just started 4 months ago, but also because she already has the self-critical nature of any great tattoo artist.
However she definitely loves working with lots of colours the most. She reminisces about some potatoes she tattooed, as well as a man with a noose around his neck that she tattooed on someone.

But she definitely, as mentioned earlier, loves getting to experiment with what she can do with colors, the colours in neo-traditional that kind of gets close to realism.  However, the style gives you much more freedom with the motif than the realistic style does. So you get to experiment a lot with the design and color combinations. So your imagination is the only limits and you get to turn the colors up to max.

She loves doing her own designs the most, when the client allows it. As well immersing herself in the details of the tattoos she creates. So as long as it is something she has designed, every tattoo is kind of her next dream tattoo to do. So she is very grateful whenever she gets to do one of her own designs.

Final Comments and Gallery:

When it comes to the future, Laura has no specific plans as such. Currently she is just enjoying getting to learn her favorite craft of all time. However, she does look forward to getting to do more and more of her own designs, as well as working more and more. Currently she only works a handful of hours every week, so she can’t wait till she gets up to full time, especially if she gets to do more of the dark, black, occult and “unpleasant”. Oh, and she can’t wait for Halloween and having Halloween themed days in the shop, she is an occult girl after all.

Lauras wall of Creepy Crawly, Occult and Dark stuff, Great Inspiration for her.

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