Laura Marie, from Rochester, NY, became the twelfth season winner of Ink Master (Battle of Sexes edition). She is also a second female winner of the show overall, after Ryan Ashley Malarkey.

As a student of Geneseo Central School, she was recognized by one of her teachers, Rob Antonucci. He suggested her during studies to compete at the show, and she decided to accept the challenge.

Her ambition at the beginning was to become a game designer, because she is a fan of many fantasy games. She created a lot of drawing artwork inspired with fantasy creatures, but she managed to translate her talent to tattooing. Before Ink Master she worked as an apprentice with many experienced tattoo artists.

Her artwork signature is colorful and illustrative tattoo style, with bold lines and lots of details. At the competition, she showed an ability to adapt to many styles.







In 12th season of Ink Master, she was the winner of elimination tattoo challenge three times, and at the finale she proved a class with mastering Japanese tattoo style.

She illustrated a story about Japanese god of thunder – Raijin, by creating a back piece tattoo for 35 hours on human canvas. Although the opinion of judges about the tattoo was that foreground is too much highlighted comparing to background, they couldn’t hide the amazement.

After winning the competition, she continues improving her skills and mastering many tattoo styles, along with developing self-employed business. She is co-owner of Atomic ROC Tattoo in Rochester.

Also as a big fan of Lady Gaga, she is waiting an opportunity to tattoo her, because Lady Gaga is one of her inspirations.