Late Night Thoughts; Heavily Tattooed Night Life:

Late Night Thoughts; Heavily Tattooed Night Life:
October 16
00:50 2017

Late Night Thoughts When Going Out With Lots of Tattoos:

These are truly late night thoughts, as I thought of this at a bar last night. But I am sure I am not the only tattooed person, who can find it a bit strange to go out. Especially since I know a fair few tattooed people, that have quite a lot to say about it, both among colleagues and friends, even strangers I have met.

But to me it seems that there are two main things that will often occur, when you go out as a visibly tattooed person.
You can often get discriminated against for your tattoos, not being let into places or told to cover them up.
Or what I call the Zoo effect takes place. This is when strangers, especially non tattooed ones, start grabbing your tats, poking at them, touching them feeling them up. Quite often, it happens completely without permission.

To many that might read this, it may sound strange in this day and age, that all this still happens. Because most of you often have the feeling “that everyone and their mother are tattooed today”. However that is not the case (only around 10-15 percent of the adult population in most nations), and these things do indeed occur still.

How I handle it and what my thoughts are:

Let me start out with saying, that it is far from every bar, where these things occur. At least the discrimination seems to be disappearing more and more, which I am very happy about. So the worst one out of the two, is luckily going away (I hope). The thing with strangers feeling you up like you are a bunny at a petting zoo, that is another story.

I personally as a man, get less annoying version, people mainly just grab, touch and poke my tattoos. As well as ruining my shirts trying to pull the fabric away, to reveal my chest and rib tattoos. But I feel so much more sorry for the tattooed women out there. Where assholes use their ink, as an excuse to grab them and feel them up… Not OKAY!!!

But here is how I feel about it, the discrimination, strangely enough, will go away with time if we keep working towards people understanding tattooed culture. A thing which I work tirelessly towards in my work and my research. When it comes to the touching, depending on how it is done, I either just laugh it off and explain what was done wrong. Or I might actually tell the person off and move away from them if it gets really bad. I have had to call security once, but only once where a person got very aggressive about my tattoos.

Final Thoughts:

As always I think the right cure, will always be remaining as positive as possible. For many people tattoos are still new and fascinating, so of course they will get curious and want to see and hear about them. Add some (in many cases a lot) of alcohol to that, and people start grabbing and feeling. In many cases it is not meant in an evil way, people are just silly and drunk, so some kindness and a friendly lecture will help I find.

When it comes to the discrimination, there is not much that can be done, some tattooed people don’t care and will just leave or get into places anyways. Others may choose to boycott any place that discriminates tattoos. My only thing is, that I personally will never get angry with or argue with door security, it isn’t their rules, they just enforce them… heck a lot of them are tattooed. So just be nice to them at least as I see it, the problem comes from way above their ranking. Actually, it comes from the stigma, still left in society.

But yeah, hopefully and most likely as I see it, these things will change with time. In some countries even, such as Sweden, Canada and certain places in the US, things are already much less like this, than they are in Denmark, Germany and the UK. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my little blog post, perhaps you recognize some of what I say or found it helpful. No matter what, please keep reading and enjoying my blog, follow me on instagram (@tattoo_logia) and stay awesome!

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Mads W. K. Masters of science in Sociology (Cand. Scient. Soc.), from the University of Copenhagen, who specializes in embodiment sociology, but especially in tattoos and tattoo culture etc.

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