Lady Ink Days In Berlin

For the very first time in Berlin.
A Tattoo Convntion with only female artists working.
Starting tomorrow.

Mediazink will follow this one in Berlin and we will be back with a gallery
to all our readers.


Dear Lady Tattooists,

today we would like to personally address the female artists in the tattoo field.

Berlin is becoming more and more the stronghold for unconventional tattoo art. Tattoos are trendy and women are close-by .

After the tattoo scene had been dominated exclusively by men, inking was originally popular among jailbirds, sailors and rowdy bikers. Today there is a powerful thrust towards the womenfolk.

In the year 2017 we will have reached a balance between male and female tattoo artists. This is particularly true of the younger artists under thirty years of age. But if you enter ” lady tattooist ” in Google, you won’t get a hit, you will only get male artists.


Do you want to be discovered and recognized as such?

We will gladly support you and offer you with the Lady Ink Convention the appropriate platform to demonstrate your expertise and artistry to a wider audience. Are you going to be there?

We think the ladies in the tattoo scene have earned more attention in the public. Most notably because, in just short time they have become global players in tattoo artistry. They enrich the scene with their feminine motifs and transform the client’s skin into enchanting pieces of art. Wouldn’t it be a pity if we had to miss this contribution?

According to a survey of the Bochum University Medical Center eight million Germans carry a tattoo. And there are more women than men who adorn their body with a tattoo. Most popular are tattoos with the 25 to 34 years of age.

How cool is it to have the choice? Ladies inking ladies, that’s cherry pie at the Lady Ink.

Often women would rather be inked by women because they speak the same language or the tats are different. At the Lady Ink we put you, the lady tattoists, in the focus.
With Lady Ink we have brought to life a convention solely for the female artist. At this convention we will also award the best international lady tattooist. The press has also found great appeal to this idea. The Tattoo Magazine with whom we have worked with, due to our international and oldest tattoo convention in Europe, over the past 25 years have become attentive.

So we guarantee that all participating female artists will be mentioned in the following editions of Tattoo Magazine and perhaps receive a photo publication.

We would be so happy if this idea also excites you gals in tattoo-land! If you also think “now we’ll show our true colors”, then now is the time to apply at the e-mail address below.

Not much time left till the Lady Ink Days, but it will be worth it. Join us at this first Ladies Only tattoo convention in the world capitol Berlin.

We are looking forward to your visit!

The Lady Ink Days team

P.S: Guys are also welcome


We got Frank Weber, the organiser to answer a few questions before the convention start.

FYI Frank Weber who is the organiser is also a tattoo artist for almost 3 decades.
He also runs some studios and help other conventions around Europe.
He is the man behind the World famous Tattoo Convention in Berlin. Last year the
city hosted the convention number 26 in a row.
Beside the main convention in Berlin the city is also know for the smaller convention for
more German artists working. And now the new step, a convention for female artists only.

Frank what was the reason for a convention with only female artists in Berlin?

Frank Weber:
One of the reasons was that often women would rather be inked by a woman.

The interview continues below the picture.

This convention is only 2 days compared to the main event in Berlin who are 3 days event.
What is the reason here ?

Frank Weber:
One of the reasons is we do this as a test. We certainly want to make it a 3 days event in the future.

How many artists will be working at the convention this year ?

Frank Weber:
There is 50 female artists working this year but w already working on the 2018 event and here we expect to have between 120 – 140 female artists.

One of the performing act´s on the convention is the Deux_Ex_Comedia.
What kind of performace are we talking about ?

Frank Weber:
This show is a piercing show with a lot of comedy.

Here is a few teasers from the Deux_Ex_Comedia.

More info on the expo.