Korea Land of Beauty; Is There a Double Standard?

Korea Land of Beauty; Is There a Double Standard?
February 09
14:00 2018

Korea Land of Beauty; From Beautiful Nature to a Huge Beauty Industry:

Korea Land of Beaty, as it is known by many tourists as well as it’s own people. Or rather, known as a profoundly beautiful country. With interesting architecture and fascinating nature and scenery, it can be quite breathtaking. But Koreans are actually quite obsessed with beauty. More precisely they are obsessed with beauty ideals. At least that is the impression any tourist might easily get, when you visit the nation and realize how much plastic surgery goes on, and how big the beauty industry is in the country.

It is humongous! To a point where it can almost be said, that it is more common for especially Korean women, to get a little work done, than to not get it. For many it can be quite modest, while it for others can be quite substantial just like in the west. We however, don’t want to get too into this, as we are not one’s to judge.

But we do find it funny, how this plays out at the same time, as the country has quite the stigmatization of tattoos and tattooed poeple, still going on.

Plastic Surgery vs Tattoos:

Despite the stigma thinning out a bit and lessening, Korea is still one of the countries in the world, where tattoos are looked down upon the most. With some young people being excommunicated from their families, for getting a tattoo (look at our previous article).
Yet any young person that gets some plastic surgery done, the story is slightly different, yet also not without similarities.

The culture, much like the Japanese seems to not be about standing out much. Which seems counter intuitive to both tattoos and plastic surgery. Where tattoos might be placed where they can’t be seen. What happens with plastic surgery is much more on a “don’t ask don’t tell” basis. It is considered a very private matter (as it is), so it is not discussed or talked about with strangers.

Perhaps this is why it is much easier for South Koreans, to get into plastic surgery rather than tattoos. Also there is the intersting fact, that they are quite enamored with the western beauty ideal. An ideal which South Korean women especially, strive to achieve through plastic surgery. Especially facial surgery, which is the most popular form of procedure.

Final Comment:

We want to make it clear, that we here at MediaZink, believe people should do with their bodies, whatever makes them feel best about themselves. We are in no way pointing fingers at South Korea, and their culture. Just merely pointing out a fun and interesting parallel development, in their culture. Who knows, perhaps in a couple of decades, there will be no stigmatization at all in South Korea?

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Mads W. K. Masters of science in Sociology (Cand. Scient. Soc.), from the University of Copenhagen, who specializes in embodiment sociology, but especially in tattoos and tattoo culture etc.

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