Do you know a rapper named Eminem? Eminem became popular in 1999 since he released his first debut album called The Slim Shady LP. Due to the album, he won a Grammy Award nominated as the Best Rap Album. The next album called The Marshall Mathers LP, had became the fastest-selling solo album in United States at that time. It made Eminem increased his popularity, including his own record label, Shady Records.

Then, in 2010 he won the second award since he released the Relapse. In the next year, he got an award again and he got 13 Grammys award since he began his career. Then, His song entitled “ Lose yourself” brought him to a winner for Best Original Song from the movie of 8 Mile in 2003, where he was becoming the main role in the movie. Until finally, the song “Lose Yourself” still became into number one hip hop song in the US.

Next, He released the next album after Encore, namely Relapse, on May 15, 2009. Eminem is the best selling artist in a decade in the US Nielsen SoundScan, and has sold over 80 million albums worldwide until today, making him one of the artists who sell albums fastest in the world.