Would today be 80 years old.

Elvis Aaron Presley.


His suddenly death was for many a big shock for generations in our world. However, we can enjoy we still kept life in the King through children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Elvis Presley’s impact on developments in pop / rock music is said to be colossal. His voice, his stage presence, his looks and his charisma were for years the trend for development throughout this part of the music industry.

If there had not been an Elvis, there would not be a Beatles!

Even Beatles member John Lennon said that before Elvis there was nothing.

His birthplace in the eastern end of Tupelo is today a museum and is the most visited building in Tupelo. Old Saltillo Road, where the house is located, is after Elvis’ death renamed and is now known as Elvis Presley Drive.

The city’s tourism is largely centered around Elvis Presley.

Tom Parker was August 18, 1955 manager of Elvis Presley. Parker was ambitious and had an eye for Presley’s huge potential, and he immediately went to find a record of a size that Parker thought had the capacity for a nationwide breakthrough for his artist.

Sun Records sold in November 1955 Presley’s contract to RCA Victor for 40,000,- dollars.

(of which 5,000 – directly to Elvis ) , at that time the largest contract ever . Elvis’ first record release by RCA was ” Heartbreak Hotel”

He had a sound, a stage presence and a style that combined many of the musical elements he had met through his upbringing. Elvis broke down in many ways the social and racial barriers of time and ushered in a new era in American popular music. His stage presence was dynamic and characterized by rolling hip movements of an unprecedented sexually challenging character.

As Elvis’ popularity rose desired publisher closer contact with him, and in 1956 established the two companies ‘ Elvis Presley Music Inc. ‘ and ‘ Gladys Music Inc. ‘ Elvis and Parker were co-owners of. This arrangement meant in fact that if a song should be sung by Elvis agreement was to be through Hill & Range, which pressed against the songwriters to get Elvis brought in as co-author. This kind of extortion only worked on the new and uncertain songwriters, while the more professional would not accept this and thus scared off.

In the end it was Elvis who suffered under these conditions, as his song material thus became worse and worse, as sales curves throughout the 1960s also shows.

The King died as 42 -year-old.


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