King Body Art

It´s hard to believe that his first tattoo, almost was his last.
Mr King Of Body Art “B Art” is famous for his extreme tattoos
and have been seen on a few documentary etc.
meet him at the world famous Tattoo Convention Berlin and we
had to talk with him of course.

He got his first tattoo at the age of 16, and it was almost his last.
He got an infection in the tattoo and his friends really enjoyed
slapping the new tattoo. But, 6months later it was time again,
for the second tattoo.

His third tattoo he got when he was around 18, and it´s on his ass
and still, his parents don´t know about it. His interest for tattoos
started very young and he is very into the tattoo history, like tribe
and Mauri people.

His name is Body Art and I guess you already know that he love
the world of tattooing. But he has also tried other body modifications,
such as branding, scarfication, laser removal, tough split, nipple removal
and of course he also did stained his eyeballs.

Back in 2016 he took the world record, with 36 tattoo artists
working on him at the same time, how crazy is that? Crazy!

I had to ask him what he did for a living and he do a lot of things,
such as owning a property management service, modeling,
acting and he also do the voice and presentation of international

That´s was a littlebit about King Body Art himself.
We hope you enjoyed it and don´t forget to follow
him on Instagram, to see what he do next!