Kelburn Castle; Where the Ancient is Kept Alive by the New

Kelburn Castle; Where the Ancient is Kept Alive by the New
May 17
18:55 2017

Kelburn Castle; The Story of What happened:

So in 2007 Kelburn Castle got turned into a Psychedelic piece of street art, thanks to it’s owner Patrick Boyle the earl of Glasgow. He hired Brazilian graffiti artists to give a section of the castle, quite the colorful makeover.
The artists in Question were Nina Pandolfo and, Nunca and Os Gêmeos. They worked for days, and turned the castle into a psychedelic masterpiece of street art. The artwork has even been compared to the likes of Banksy.

The idea to paint the castle, was originally put forward to the Earl, by his son. It didn’t seem too harmful to do to the old castle, seeing as their was a concrete render on the outside, which had to be removed anyways.
So they had the artists paint the concrete facade of the castle back in 2007. But it became such a popular success, with guests on the castle grounds. That they decided to  keep it, seeing as it fit perfectly with the many events hosted at the castle, every year. The psychedelic forest disco, which is a part of an annual festival called the “Kelburn Garden Party”, is a good example. The Castle being a great attraction for both events.

However, the Eearl was actually ordered to remove the paint back in 2012, seeing as restorations had to be made on the castle. The order came from a government agency, called Historic Scotland. It was revealed after an inspection of the castle in that year, that the paint was damaging the exterior of the castle. So because of the castle’s historic significance to Scotland. The Earl was ordered to remove the paint.
No media has been allowed to cover the castle for years, so it is unknown whether the paint is still there.
But the Earl was apparently allowed to have the graffiti remain for a few more years, after negotiating in 2015. I guess people who are curious might have to attend the Festival and find out for themselves.

A Proof of why ‘The Old’ is not always better, when it is sacred:

So what can we take away from this story of Kelburn Castle?
Well personally it reminds me of an ancient discussion, about whether things are sacred, so to speak.
Like how people look at the body in regards to body-art. Don’t get that tattoo or piercing, because the body is a sacred temple and bla bla… However, in this case with the Castle, it was proven to be the other way around.
The old grey Castle that stood there before, found new life.

It gained more popularity than ever, after it got “tattooed”/painted by the graffiti artists.  Sometimes, the old is not sacred, what becomes sacred is what people do with what they have. What became sacred to Patrick Boyle, the Earl, was his new psychedelic castle, which he fought to keep. In the same way the body becomes special/sacred, to people with body-art, because of their body-art.
That is at least the lesson, that I hope people take away from this. Personally, I hope the Earl, got to keep his graffiti.

Gallery and Final Comments:

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