Keep The Ink; Saving the Tattooed Skin of Your Loved Ones:

To keep the ink, or rather the inked up skin, after someone has passed away. Before it seemed like something only scientists and researchers, such as Masaichi Fukushi, would ever do. But now, as shown by In The Know, you can do it too. It is no longer just for researchers or museums, to keep the tattooed skin of individuals after their death.
Regular people can now keep the skin of their loved ones, as a permanent memento.

One thing is for certain, it sure is different than having a portrait of them or keeping a poster they had and hanging it on your own wall. With this, you literally keep a part of them with you. The company currently in business doing this, is called ‘Save My Ink Forever’, a fitting title indeed. The company was founded by a bunch of funeral directors, who came up with the idea after talking to the people left behind.

They remove and preserve the tattooed skin, but that is not all they do before sending it to the loved ones in question. They also frame it nicely for them, so it is ready to go up on the wall in their home. It is definitely a bizarre idea, but it is one many people have thought about at some point in their lives. They might truly have struck gold with this.

Speculations; A New Bizarre Industry?:

For now it is mainly the one company doing this, but might an industry develop world wide for this? and if so would that be a good idea? No one will argue against the fact, that it is awesome to keep such a meaningful keepsake of someone you love. But what if at some point, people throw ethics to the side and start removing and selling deceased skin, without the consent of next of kin?

Perhaps a new form of donor-industry can take shape, where people sell their tattooed skin to private collectors after they are dead? In this case their wouldn’t be any moral dilemmas, like their would be with the example above. But that would still be one hell of a bizarre new industry.

There wouldn’t be much stopping entrepreneurs from capitalizing on this phenomenon. But for now it is mainly just the one company, helping loved ones keep a truly meaningful memento of the people they lost.

Final Comment:

Keep the ink, it seems simple enough in the case of loved ones you have lost. Hell, it is even an awesome idea that we can’t believe people didn’t come up with sooner. But it will indeed be interesting to see what shape this new practice takes in the future.

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