Karac Wilson; Inkedmag Model Of The Year 2017 and Loving Family Man

Karac Wilson; Inkedmag Model Of The Year 2017 and Loving Family Man
August 14
13:27 2017

Northern English Model Powered By Love and Aspirations:

Karac Wilson is an up and coming male tattoo model from Northern England. Although he might be quite new on the scene, he already boasts quite the achievement. Karac won Inkedmag model search this year and was thus crowned; Inkedmag’s model of the year 2017. It has to be said, for a man who only started his tattoo model career this year, this is already quite the achievement. We here at Mediazink can’t wait to see, what lies in Karac’s future.

      The Interview; Tattoo Collection:

  1. What age are you and where do you hail from?
    I am 36 and from Sheffield, united Kingdom.
  2. When did you get your first tattoo and what was it?
    I was 18 and got a “Pain is love” script on my chest, I was into Ja Rule at the time so stole the idea from him. It was later lasered and covered.
  3. How did you get into tattoos?
    I have always liked tattoos and it was not until i was in my late 20s that i really started to love them. My older brother was heavily tattooed and inspired me to get tattooed. I always remember watching a music video by Young Money “bed rock” and being in awe of how heavily tattooed the artists were.
    Pretty much from that i started my bodysuit journey. I then had a arm sleeve done by Tom Ruki who works in Sheffield and gradually moved on to my chest and back. I then moved onto other artists for different styles – Kyle Egg Williams, Alex Wright, Ben Kaye, Nick Devine and Niorkz.


      The Interview; The Start of His New Career:

  1. When did you start modelling and how did you get into it?
    I started Modelling only this year March 2017. I basically saw other male and female models on Instagram who said they were “tattoo models”. Now what really bugged me was that most of them barely had any tattoos. So i made it my mission to be a tattoo model that was heavily tattooed. I got things going by reaching out to brands via Instagram and some brands sent me clothes which i then arranged photo shoots and used to promote them and myself. my following has increased dramatically since i started.
  2. What is your own favorite style of tattoos?
    i dont have a particular favorite style. i appreciate all styles. For me i love black and grey and only have that style on my body. I love colour but do not think it would work with the flow of my tattoos, and I really love portrait tattoos and have many by Kyle Egg Williams. I have more recently had a passion for script, so had a few pieces by Niorkz. But I have also been lucky enough to be tattooed by Nick devine, who has his own Dark work style which i love its pretty much skulls, bones, matches but his style is unique. If i ever had colour work i would love a sleeve from Alex Wright he does horror VHS cover which are insane.
  3. The Interview; Family Man:

  4. How do you balance being a father with being a tattoo model?
    The balance is fairly easy at the moment as i have just started out with modelling so arranging shoots around my work life and family life. I’m lucky enough to have a supportive wife who lets me get to where i need to be.
  5. Do your kids love your tattoos?
    my kids are 6 and 2 and my tattoos have always been a part of me. they don’t really know any different so think its the norm. i think as they get older then they will ask more questions etc. But so far they love the tattoos i have, they sometimes stick sticker on themselves and say they have tattoos lol.

    Karac and his wife.

    Interview; Career and Future Plans:

  6. What’s the best bit of being a tattooed father and model?
    I would say it is i am representing tattoos and being a Father, I see myself a regular guy trying to better myself for my Family. Its also pretty cool being recognized at conventions.
  7. You travel around a lot for conventions and shoots it seems, what is the best and worst about all that travelling?
    The best thing is meeting so many like minded people with passion about tattoos. Everyone shows love and appreciation of each other. The the worst thing for me is being away from my wife and children its never easy leaving but as soon as i get back its like i never left.
    One good thing is i am able to use Facetime to keep in contact.
  8. You became inkedmag’s model of the year, what is your next goal?
    Winning the Inkedmag model search was an amazing experience. I will also be having a shoot soon to be featured in Inkedmag. The next goal is to continue pushing myself out there, which is a daily battle until i get established. I just want to represent true heavily tattooed models in the best way i can. Showing people that anyone can do it. Also, I am trying to break into the tattoo magazines, as men are really unrepresented i think. 99 percent of magazine just feature half naked women. So a big goal is to get a cover model feature one day. Trying to get men a chance to also be featured.

Final Comments:

Other than boasting an extensive and impressive tattoo collection, Karac also boasts a great deal of love and ambition. Love for his family and the world of tattoos and the ambition, to do all he can to improve on the tattoo culture. Namely in the sense, that it is overly focused on half naked women, where male models get little attention at all. Especially heavily tattooed models, are underrepresented he feels. Hopefully he succeeds in this mission.

For more on the awesome Karac, check out his Instagram (@kvrvc_wilson).

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