Kajsa Franzen from Red Rose Tattoo

Kajsa Franzen from Red Rose Tattoo
July 18
06:00 2016

Kajsa Franzen from Red Rose Tattoo

Working since 2010 in Gothenburg and a very well know face in many of the European Tattoo Conventions. Kajsa loves to travel and have fun all the way.

Photo: Kajsa Franzen

Here is a huge selection of some of Kajsa´s work.
Massive colorwork and inspired by the Traditional themes.
Mediazink will later this year do a complete gallery with many more of Kajsa´s great artwork.

Enjoy and let the pictures do the talking.

Want to see more of Kajsa´s work or the other amazing artists working in Red Rose.
Visit this website:

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  1. Mangne
    Mangne August 28, 15:21

    She is a great artist for sure.
    Like her style of tattooing

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  2. Manse
    Manse August 26, 12:31

    What a collection.

    Very much impressed !!!!!

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