Kaitlin Green; From America to Germany

Mediazink meet Kaitlin at the Berlin Tattoo Convention.
Her style immediately got our attention and we kindly asked
if we could bring a little review of her.

Kaitlin Green has been tattooing for the last 6 years.
Her favorite style of tattoos is Dotwork – Blackwork and linework.
She work at the Landmark Tattoo in Denver, Colorado.

We have a selection of her art so you can see for yourself.
Clean work with so many great details.

Mediazink will later on bring some more info and photos from
the Landmark Tattoo studio. A great studio to get some awesome tattoos.

See more: www.instagram.com/katlingreentattoos


Kaitlin Green will also be featured in Inkbassador Vol. 2

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