Selfmade Artist Who Tattoos and Longs to Travel:

Jurgis Mikalauskas despite his somewhat young age, has already tattooed for over a decade. His skills however, more than show off his experience though. Looking at his tattoos, you would be forgiven for thinking you were looking at paintings from an art gallery. There is an attention to detail in his colourful realistic style pieces, that is almost unprecedented. The worst thing you could do, would be to let his story of how he got started, scare you off. Because this artist’s talents, you do not want to miss.

The Interview; How it Started:

1.What age are you and when did you start tattooing?
I am 32 now, I was around 17 years old when I first tried Tattooing, made myself a homemade tattoo machine from a Walkman cassette player motor and a guitar string as a needle, was a horrendous invention but worked fine, did a few tattoos for friends, nobody died everyone was happy with the results then. I haven’t tattooed till 2010 until I came to UK, bought my first tattoo kit and started this art the professional way

2. What was it that got you into tattooing?
I wasn’t too fascinated about the tattoos until 2010, UK opened my eyes how gorgeous this art can bee, I started reading magazines, searching internet and learning more about tattooing as an art form, when I saw first color realism my mind was blown and I realized that I could transfer my old hobby (portrait painting oil on canvas) to a tattoos, so I started practicing with color tattoos and gradually worked my way to where I am now.

The Interview; The Artists Style:

3. How would you describe your own style?
I would say that is realism, trying to capture the feel of reality and 3D effect.

4.and 6. What inspired you to create that style and what is it you like about it?[and]What is your favorite type of tattoo to do?
I love to make things look real and touchable, portraits are my most loved ones as it takes great skill to capture the person as he is, there is not much room for errors and improvisation so the slightest shape or shadow error might render the face quite different from the one you trying to capture. erotic women are my most loved thing to tattoo as well.

5. What is your favorite part of being a tattoo artist?
The favorite part of being a tattoo artist is obviously tattooing itself, I relax during tattooing, immersing myself in the design. Chatting with a client during the tattoo process, and seeing a happy face after the tattoo is done.

7. What is your favorite body part to tattoo?
I love tattooing legs, thighs, calf’s, the skin is usually taut and nice in those areas.

8. Is there a convention you dream of attending or something else you dream of doing as a tattoo artist?
I would love to go to a exotic conventions like Japan or Philippines or Papua new guinea. I want to travel as much as possible to a far end places of the world while I am capable of doing it.

9. What are your plans for the future, anything we should keep an eye out for?
Yes keep an eye out for more cool color stuff from me.

Final Comments and Gallery:

it is apparent, that Jurgis kind of didn’t plan to become a tattoo artist originally, at least not in the way he is today. But both his clients and we here at Mediazink, are glad that he found his calling, in being a  tattoo artist.
He indeed seems very passionate about the craft and how he is able to create art on people’s skin. His 3D tattoos are definitely world class, and we doubt that anyone would argue against that, when he travels the world with his.

Hopefully you might get lucky and Jurgis might come to your country some day. If you want a realism style tattoo, that would be an opportunity, you would hate yourself for missing.


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