Julie Russo; “I Live By Doing What I love and I Never Work a Day”:

Julie Russo “Juliane”, from just talking to this awesome lady for mere moments, you would be likely to think to yourself “what a powerhouse”. You would not be wrong for thinking so. Julie seems to be passion incarnate, wrapped in beauty, tattoos and compassion. Not only has she gone through quite the transformation herself, through her love of fitness. But she now helps others improve themselves, in the same way, as a fitness instructor and dance teacher.

She still finds time for modelling, how we do not know, which we are very happy about. Competing in the next installment of Miss Inked as well as upcoming bikini and fitness competitions. We are sure her beautiful toned looks, as well as her awesome colorful and diverse tattoo collection is going to give her an edge.

The Interview:

1.Where are you from and what age are you?

I am born and raised from a small town 40 miles North Of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania. Butler, PA birthplace of the Jeep!

2. What do you do for a living when not modelling?

When not modeling, I am a group fitness instructor and personal trainer. I’ve also been a dance instructor for 16 years. I live by doing what I love and I never work a day in my life.

3. How did you discover tattoo and athletic modelling?

A friend of mine, Ben Viatori, is a professional photographer and wanted to shoot a few of us. For fun we did an outdoor photoshoot. Which inspired to have a photoshoot following my first bikini competition. We’ve shot together multiple times since then. It’s been fun.

4. How do you balance your day job with modelling?

It isn’t hard to balance modeling with normal life because my shoots are scheduled during my off-time.

5. When did you get your first tattoo?

I got my first tattoo when I was 18 and it was a simple star outline on my hip bone. It took about 2 minutes for the artist to do.

6. What’s your favourite tattoo you have gotten so far and do you have any crazy tattoo plans in the future?

A) My favorite tattoo is the one I got for myself. I got a dagger stabbing a blue rose. Symbolism for strength needed to ensure all things. B) Once my black and grey sleeve is finished I plan to take my color sleeve on the left side of my neck and the black and grey sleeve onto my right side of my neck.

7. What’s your favourite ever photoshoot or photoshoot moment?

One of my favorite modeling moments was when I received a text message from my photographer, Ben Viatori, confirming my submission to a magazine was accepted and I was going to be published in print/online. It was such an amazing feeling finding out I was going to be published.

8. What’s the worst thing that ever happened to you on a shoot?

Nothing bad has happened during a shoot other than cars driving passed while I was topless and posed.

9. Outside of modelling and tattoos, what are you passionate about?

Outside of modeling, I am very passionate about teaching dance and fitness/bodybuilding. I received my bachelors degree in dance and have been teaching for 16 years. I’ve been involved with fitness since 2011. I currently train to compete in bikini competitions. It is a lot of fun and very disciplined.

10. What are your plans for the future, anything we should watch out for?

Im very excited with my future upcoming events. On August 11, 2018,  I will be competing in Miss Inked 216 located in Cleveland, OH, USA. I will be competing against 29 other beautiful contestants. In Early October and November I will be competing in bikini bodybuilding competitions.

Final Comment and Credits:

Julie Russo is, as we said, quite the passionate and beautiful tattoo model. Her collection is beautiful and shows off her love of lots of different styles. Other than her gorgeous face, we especially find it difficult to take our eyes off of her colorful left sleeve. Such a cool and well put together bit of tattooing that she wears so awesomely well.

We can’t help but cheer for this awesome, charming and passionate woman. We are sure she won’t go down without a fight, in all of her upcoming events. Plus we are sure she will be turning heads in her bikini competition, especially if no cars get in the way. Jokes aside, Julie is awesome, fierce and one you cannot miss.

Photo and Apparel;

Photo Credit: Ben Viatori
Instagram: @v.foto
Email: v.fotoimages@gmail.com
Website: https://vfotoimages.smugmug.com
Apparel Credit: Sullen Clothing
website: www.sullenclothing.com
Instagram: @sullenclothing
Apparel Red Lingerie: Bedroom Behavior Lingerie (siren set)
Instagram: @bedroombehaviorlingerie
Website: www.bedroombehaviorlingerie.com
Model: Julie Russo “Juliane”
Instagram: @julie.russo_
Email: juliebobby@hotmail.com


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