Jul Ruiz; In Love with Samoan Tattooing and Line Work:

Jul Ruiz has been tattooing for a handful of years and has truly become an expert, at line work. He especially seems to have a love for the more ornamental and tribal tattoos. Especially Samoan tattooing which also adorns his own body, is his favorite. Especially the understanding he gains, and helps others to gain, about the ancient tattoo culture. That is what fascinates him especially and one of the things that drives him.

1. Where are you from? What age are you? and how long have you been tattooing for?

Im from Saint Etienne/ France. I’m 33 years old. I started my carrier in April 2011.

2. The name of your current studio and where is it located?

Black blood tattoo. It’s a private studio. In woerden (NL).

3. How would you describe your style of tattooing/the style of your tattoos?

The style I’m tattooing is mostly Polynesian. I learned Samoan style as first but slowly I get to know more about the rest of Polynesian tribals. I’m specialized in line work, so what ever come out with line I’m feeling comfortable with it as mandala and other ornamental styles.

4. What is it you love about that style?

I love the idea of respect and flow on the body. For me Polynesian as Japanese tattoos are really made for the body lines and is flow. The flow of those style is more important in my eyes. The best piece on the wrong spot will affect the visual impact of the tattoo and loose of is beauty. That’s why all my pieces are freehand and custom made the same day of the appointment.  The culture part is important of course, why, where , how, things are tattooed size thousands and thousands of years…

5. What is your favourite thing about being a tattoo artist?

The freedom of been my own boss, freedom of traveling around the world and still be able to work where ever I feel like, when I feel like. The social part with my customers, this exchange that I have with them, I’m not selling a tattoo. I give them the keys to discover more about an old culture and new opportunity of learning the true meanings of what I give them. I like to tell them why from one island to an other the lines are different, why same patterns can mean different things from different island. That back in the days people were voyagers. From Scandinavia to Polynesia, so many symbols are the same….

6. What got you into tattooing?

My ex brother in law, after looking at some of my designs, started to put in my heat this idea of trying it.

7. What is your favourite tattoo you have ever done or seen?

I have no favorite tattoos, so many good pieces in so many style, I couldn’t give you on.

8. Do you have a dream tattoo, that you want to do on someone in the future?

Well i guess as many artist I will say a full body suit. One artist , one canvas.

9. Do you have any future plans, you would like your fans and the readers at Mediazink, to know about?

I have many future plans yes. One of them will happen pretty soon, I’m planning on moving away from Europe and live my dreams. Right now I’m looking forward to move to INDONESIA (Bali st first) be based there for about 7 to 8 months a year and come back the rest of the time for tattoo my friends, customers who couldn’t make the trip there.
I’m inspired by a easy simple life, no big cars, house or bling bling… I’m a simple man who like to enjoy what nature give me.

Final Comments and Gallery:

Indeed Jul Ruiz, is a passionate tattoo artist in love with what he does. Definitely in love with the more “primitive” and tribal side of tattooing, which seems to drive him quite a lot. He loves a simple life, helping others discover more about themselves and tattoo culture, through his tattoos. Loving the social connection and interaction he has with his clients. Truly he is one great and skilled tattoo artist.

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