Joe Capobianco An American Artist.
He is an excellent artist in the field of airbrushing and tattooing.

Although, not entirely known what spurred the early man to tattoo their bodies, we know that the proof of tattoos goes back to frozen tribesmen and ancient mummies. Mankind has always seemed to be in need or love to have the tattoo art form.


Many cultures over the centuries stuck his hand tattoo techniques used for their religious and tribal beliefs. Some tribes use tattooing in Samoa and Borneo as a rite of passage for the individual to this day, in honor of all of the ceremony and instruments of their history. In Japan, a few master tattoo artists still use instruments whose beginning is nearly as old as the myths and legends of the characters and stories that they depict on the skins of their customers young and old. Both ancient styles are passed and used by some of the newer generation of tattoo artists today.



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At the time tattooing moved from the ancient world to Europe and the United States, the age of electric tattooing began. Tattooing was very popular in the ranks of the army, where many a soldier, sailor or airman were marking their skins to celebrate that time in their life with a battleship, USMC badge, a hula gal, or a nautical star. While the images were perhaps not so rich in historical pictures or as personal as your family or tribal origin, the images displayed by the new-age tattooer still persistently held real historical and artistic value.

Several of these “old school” designs and styles are some of the most popular tattoo cultures of today. As the years went on, so did the nature of the customers sit in the chair of the tattooists.

Having said that, the primary objective of this paper is to take a close look and the biography of Joe Capobianco, this guy is a monster when it comes to hair brush and tattooing.

Joe Capobianco


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Joe Capobianco is an excellent artist in the field of airbrushing and tattooing. For over 20 years, Joe has different techniques and media used to create some of the fascinating pinup pieces, which resembles that of the late 1950s with a modern flair. Known as the “Capo Gal,” this style has been directly correlated his tattoo work, thus winning him many awards throughout prestigious tattooing events time and again.

Exactly 2003, Joe opened Hope Gallery in New Haven, CT and had since then released up to four books, two full-length DVDs, his personal custom made “Brickhouse” coil tattoo machine, the “Betty” rotary tattoo machine, a series of Easy Glow Tattoo Pigments, a limited edition vinyl toys, and innumerable prints and unique works. Joe also is the head judge on Oxygen Networks hit TV show – BEST INK.

Food For Thought

The styles of tattoo art are as different and unique as the people who wear them today. And it is my believe that these styles will continue to get even more diverse and creative growth as more young and talented artists in the business. That, in addition to the imagination of our customers who continue to push our talents to create the perfect way to express themselves and their ideas.

The question many people have asked is “will tattoo the body survive the next ten years?”