Jobhunting; Some Pointers for the Body-Art Lovers:

There is beginning to be a fair few job-hunting videos on the internet. Even when it comes to advice to people with body-art, especially with tattoos. Because of this, we wanted to give people a few pointers of our own. Or rather our sociologist and head writer Mads / Tattoo-logia, who has a lot of experience, both job-hunting himself, but also from his research as a sociologist.

Mads’s Tips and Pointers:

The Job market:

The current job market; First of all it is worth noting, that the jobmarket has indeed change. Especially in western countries all over Europe and in the US, when it comes to tattoos in the workplace. Canada and Sweden are some of the most accepting countries in this regard, currently.

However, despite the job market having changed for the better already, it is far from 100% accepting of tattoos and body-art. It tends to vary from field to field, as well as between countries, even between states (to some extent) in large countries such as Germany, Canada and the US.

So be aware of your local culture and the local culture where you want to apply, as well as how the field you are interested in, looks at tattoos and body-art before applying.

Before You Even Do Anything:

It is worth noting, and many seem to already be doing this, but it is worth mentioning anyways: Before you even get a tattoo or piercing, keep in mind what it is you want to do and what field you want to work within. For example, the creative fields seem to be the most accepting of tattoos and body-art world wide. But within other fields such as business, you might have to be more strategic with how you place your tattoos, and what tattoo you get done where on the body.

We might live in a world where some businesses are fine with sleeves on their lawyers and number crunchers etc.
But it would still be wise to not have something offensive, overtly sexual or something that can be easily misunderstood, down your arms.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be You, But Be Smart:

What we mean by the above text is a bit of a combination of the first 2 pointers. Of course you shouldn’t be afraid to be yourself. Only by people being themselves do we push the boundaries of what is allowed. But you still have to feel the room, so to speak. You don’t want it to ruin your job prospects, in the field where you dream of working.

But still you shouldn’t be afraid to get the body-art of your dreams anyway. The smartest thing to do then is to pace yourself. Be patient about your body-art. Once you have made yourself a household name, or in any other way indespensible, in your chosen field or place of work. You will have a lot more room to do what you want with your body.

To put it shortly, make sure you have the skills and ability, to back up and “over-shine” your body-art. This will ensure that people will still take you seriously (as they should), even with visible tattoos and piercings. All because you have the skill and know-how, to prove you know what you are doing/talking about.

Final Comment:

We hope you all enjoyed these helpful little pointers we got from our resident sociologist. You can find many similar pointers, in videos and articles everywhere from VICE to Buzzfeed and others. It never hurts to get a second opinion and do think before you ink guys. We all love body-art and we want to make sure you get to enjoy yours.
Hopefully someday soon, it won’t matter no matter what you want to do, what body-art you have.

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