Joanna aka Akvarko is an amazing tattooer and artist who lives in Katowice, Poland. On a daily basis you can find her at Machinarium Tattoo studio. She’s a person who is always interested in new things, who loves traveling and cats. Her work is original, creative and introduces something into the world of tattooing that will always be in demand – a new look at tattooing. You can find out more about her in the short interview below.


I found a very interesting sentence on one of your social media profiles. You wrote “I think through a pencil”. I liked this thought. Of course, I can guess what you meant but I would love you to develop this by your own. What exactly does it mean for you?

This sentence arose when I realised that this is my main art media. Of course I’ve always used a lot of them like digital art, acrylic, charcoal, photography or sculpture, but the easiest way for creating always was a pencil.


I think now you have developed it even more by tattooing. I mean, the art that you drew with a pencil on a piece of paper, you transfer to the human body. How did this happen? When did you start tattooing and how did you get the idea that you would like to do it?

I’m tattooing for almost 11 years and that was totally coincidence. I came back from UK and I was looking for some artschool and job. Then I met my first tattoo teacher in my hometown. I’ve always loved tattoos and that style of life, so I decided to give it a try. The first 2 years were very hard because I was studying in Krakow, and after classes I went to my hometown for tattoo practice. It was crazy and hard times, but I loved it.


You have a very unique tattooing style. What inspires you?

It’s always a hard question because I just don’t know what exactly is my main inspiration. It’s probably people, art, travel and tattoo conventions.

Which art form is your favorite?

I don’t have just a one favourite art form, because every kind of them can be a inspiration for me. It’s just a periods when I like some forms more than others. For example, 2 years ago I was love in collage art and now I’m fascinating with abstract art.



I would not be myself if I did not ask how you feel as a model due to the fact that we did a photo session together.

That was so funny and relaxing! It’s very important, when a model don’t feel ashamed or shy in front of the photographer. You can always see it on the photo.

What are your dreams?

Just wanna be healthy and happy and traveling a lot!



All photos (except tattoos and graphics) were taken by Kamila Burzymowska.