Jessie DeVille – Tattoo Model from California

Jessie DeVille – Tattoo Model from California
April 07
06:00 2016

Jessie DeVille – Tattoo Model from California

The DeVille wears tattoos, and she knows how to rock her various tattooed looks. Jessie DeVille is a tattoo model from San Francisco California, internationally published and known for her bold, edgy but graceful style. Our tattoo lady is a beauty with brains, a successful entrepreneur and a proud mom. Modeling is a field which demands more than just looks – contrary to what many might think – Jessie DeVille certainly knows what it takes to steal the show as a tattoo model. Her understanding for the art she is exhibiting is evident from the way she poses. She started her career from Miami and after moving to San Francisco, she also pursued a side-career as makeup artist and hairstylist. Jessie is currently married and runs a bar with her husband.

You can tell that her expertise as a makeup artist must be helping her create all the magic she brings about in her modeling. DeVille not only wears tattoos, she understands them, which is the attribute of a perfect model. You can say that she becomes the tattoos she presents; this is how perfectly she carries and poses with her tattoos. She manages the perfect balance of poise, grace and sensuality. Jessie is not merely a beautiful vixen, she is particular about the integrity of her field, and she made it clear in a rant on google plus in 2014, where she shut down some people for objectifying her because of her field.

This beautiful blonde with expressive eyes and captivating features looks like some super-heroine from marvel. She often enhances her catlike eyes with long eyelashes and Smokey-eye makeup. She has her signature diamond tattoo above her chest and a tattoo of Virgin Mary on her arm, along with a black widow tattoo which she adorns. Jessie stays vibrant and active within the tattooing scene; she loves attending workshops related to tattoos. In 2014 she posted about attending the Florida tattoo convention where she won second place for the best and most unique shop. In the same convention she secured third place for the best artist – kudos to this talented tattoo girl who is a brilliant example of ‘living one’s dream’.

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DeVille has worked with many prolific artists and has posed for numerous magazine including “Tattoo Revue”, “Savage Magazine”, and “Tattoo Collection Magazine”. Of course, this doesn’t need telling that she has been on the front covers of these magazines for several times. She particularly loves her shoots with Gary Roberts and shares great work chemistry with him. Her fondness for her colleagues is just an emblem of her lively disposition and her passion for her work. She has definitely got a ‘heart of diamond’.


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