Jeanette Fjelldahl – The first winner in Stavanger.

Jeanette Fjelldahl Profile
Photo by Jeanette Fjelldahl.

Earlier today Jeanette Fjelldahl won the Best Small competition on Stavanger Tattoo Convention.
It was a nice litle field of quality art during the fridays first competition.

The winner and first place was a female entering the comp with a nice rose made in colors on her hand.
Judges in the jury was united in their votes and Jeanette won it fair and square.

Photo: Caroline Solberg.

Due to the co operation between the convention and Mediazink

Mediazink will highlight all the category winners at this years convention in Stavanger.
Two great days filled with top level artists from around the World who compete and have a nice time together.

Even Strandvoll – Art by Strandvoll

Carlos Pecka – PeckaTattoo


Here is a little selection of Jeanette´s amazing work

Jeanette have been working for 5 years in Leading Light and already been winning many times at the earlier  conventions in her hometown.

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Coverphoto: Mark Augustenborg