Jay Cunliffe; The First Ever Sports Chief Tattoo Officer:

Bonedaddy Tattoo or more specifically Jay Cunlife, has achieved something no other tattoo artist has done before him. It all started with him along with over a hundred other artists from all over the US, applying to the new position created by Philadelphia Union. The position in question is CTO, Chief Tattoo Officer.

Man of the hour, Jay Cunliffe, Bonedaddy Tattoo.

After initial applications, Jay had the honor of being personally picked, by the players of the team. He was picked for his versatile style, as well as his work ethic and professionalism. Meaning that he has the honor and opportunity of being the first ever CTO. Not just within the sport of soccer, but within all of sports.

What Does This Mean For Cunliffe and Philadelphia Union?

What this actually means for Cunliffe and Bonedaddy tattoo, as well as the Philadelphia union players. It means that Bonedaddy is now hired through contract, just as any nutritionist, trainer etc. would be for a sports team.
So Cunliffe now has the opportunity to earn a lot of good reputation through this deal. However, he does need to put the team first, making sure he is at the players beck and call, for their tattoo wishes.

Philadelphia Union team picture

This however, also means the team has a lot more security and reliability, when getting a tattoo. Cunliffe has been hired to meet the teams standards and requirements. This means that he will be able to accommodate the teams schedule, as well provide them with quality tattoos.

One of the players from Philadelphia Union, who will be tattooed by Jay Cunliffe

Of course this also requires some loyalty from Cunliffe, not tattooing players from other teams or their fans. However, this shouldn’t be a problem, as Cunliffe seems very excited to be a part of the Philadelphia Union team.

Final Comments:

This CTO position might become the new trend for successful sports teams in the future. Athletes have always had a lot of tattoos, especially in sports like Soccer, Football and Basketball. However, they also have a reputation for getting really bad tattoos done.

Perhaps this trend will change the quality of athletes tattoos, as they will be assured good work when they have time to get it done. We here at Mediazink are at least quite excited to see how this pans out for Bonedaddy Tattoo, as well as what might happen in the world of sports in the future.

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