Jake Quentin Lewis-Hurn



You as a great model and very talented barber. Doing what gives you greater pleasure?


Being creative. I am into documentary photography and fascinated by people, I love to take portraits. Exercise, my day has to involve some kind of exercise. 


When did you first stand in front of the camera lens and how did it happen? Someone suggested this to you or did it come out of your initiative?


My first modeling shoot I was age 2 or 3 I was a cute kid with white-blonde hair. But what moved me into modeling was a friend who was practicing to become a photographer snapped some shots of me, I posted them on Instagram and it blew up from that first shoot. I think a beard helped as beards were becoming very popular back then. 


What advice would you like to give to models and barber who are just starting their adventure in these fields?


Be yourself. Be inspired by others but create your own look. There is nothing better than originality. Learn how to pose and work with good photographers who know how to photograph models. 


Why did you decide to become a barber and when you realized that you would like to earn a living like that?


I sold a business which was a bodybuilding and powerlifting gym in England. I owned it for 4 years but really wanted to change my life, I was tired of the fitness industry and after a friend offered to by my gym it inspired me to learn a skill that I could use universally, so barbering appealed to me. 


What is your greatest life achievement?


Tough question as I think I like to achieve something new every week. I would have to say barbering, it opened up so many doors for me to travel the world and broaden my mind. I feel people who don’t travel or learn about different cultures are not as open-minded I think travel for me did that, it opened up my mind to see the world not so black and white. 



You travel a lot and you often change your place of residence. What do you really like most about traveling and where do you feel best?


Opportunity, being a foreigner is great, people are very welcoming, a lot can’t afford to travel so for them it’s like I bring something new to them to learn about where I am from. The subjects I like to shoot also helps with traveling as I’m always seeing something new. 


You have many tattoos. When did you start tattooing your body and what was your first tattoo?


I was 15 or 16 I started early the legal age is 18 in the u.k so I lied about my age! It was a portrait of Jesus on my chest. I did this as my dad was following Christianity at the time I knew he couldn’t get to mad with me instead of getting something meaningless. 


How do tattoos on your body affect your career as a model and as a berber?


It simply doesn’t. Sometimes I may not get modeling or acting role as I sometimes get told I have too many! I find my image gets me more clients in the barbershop, as some people want a new experience, maybe someone they wouldn’t normally get to talk to in the street. 


What are your other hobbies? What do you like to do in your free time?


Exercise, boxing, cycling, running, swimming. Photography and I’m really back into reading books. For many years I struggled with reading but after years of persevering, I have finally got to a good level. 


Where do you imagine yourself in 10 years?


I think id like to have a huge piece of land with an old house, adopt animals and get into growing my own veg. I’m plant-based with my diet so I think it would be rad to grow my own. I still want to travel and hope to buy a camper van this year for when I feel trapped in city life I can escape. 





All photos were taken by Kamila Burzymowska

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