Jacob Zamore; Neo-Traditional-Japanese Style:

Jacob Zamore is quite the incredible tattoo artist, even at his young age. He has already been tattooing for just about 5 years. Not just that, but he has developed quite the cool tattoo style, that mixes Japanese with neo-traditional.
It is a mix you don’t really see too often, but when you see what Jacob can do with it, you start to wonder why that is?

It is incredible how he mixes the Japanese imagery and compositions, in with the neo-traditional tattoo style and color composition.  He also doesn’t shy away, from tattooing some rather quirky ideas, which his tattoo style gives an interesting twist to.

The Interview:

1.Where are you from? What age are you? and how long have you been tattooing for?

My name is Jacob Zamore and I just turned 25, I’m born and raised in Stockholm Sweden and I been tattooing for 5 years this autumn.

2.The name of your current studio and where is it located?

I work at Imperial tattoo in Stockholm Sweden but I also work part time with my fiancée’s studio Bläckbyrån also located in Stockholm.

3.How would you describe your style of tattooing/the style of your tattoos?

I guess my styled goes under Neo traditional and Neo Japanese, I would love to go more to the Japanese style and I slowly am. I have always admired the Japanese tattooing scene.

4.What is it you love about that style?

The thing I love most with my style is that you get happy by looking at it, I always try to sneak in some fun elements or some humor to the piece. And I’m just happy people want the stuff that I draw and create and that they trust me.

5.What is your favourite thing about being a tattoo artist?

As the point 4, that I can create and draw whatever that’s on my mind. I meet so much people through this job and I made some lifelong friends both with customers and coworkers.

6.What got you into tattooing?

I have been drawing my whole life and after getting tattooed a couple of times I got asked by their sho manager if I wanted to help out after school with the cleaning and managing. And I just kept going there everyday after school. Finally I got asked to apprentice and on that way it goes.

7.What inspires your tattoos(and art) the most?

The Japanese scene and traditional art really inspires me and every time we travel i try to photograph as mush animals as possible for drawing references. And also my fiancée Fry Duva has inspired me way before I even knew here. She’s crazy talanted and creative so she helps me to get the best out of me.

8.What is your favourite tattoo you have ever done or seen?

I think the tattoo I’m most happy with is a really small fennec kitsune I did while I guest worked at sticks and stones in Berlin. But at the moment I’m working on a full bodysuit and we just finished the back (the Phoenix) and we will continue with her leg soon. I’m super stoked to continue on that project. The best/ coolest tattoo I ever seen was the giant dragon claw back piece Filip Leu did recently. It really shows that less is more.

9.Do you have a dream tattoo, that you want to do on someone in the future?

I guess my dream tattoo has always been a full bodysuit on someone that doesn’t have a bunch on old tattoos to work around. And I just started one so I couldn’t be happier at the moment.

10.Do you have any future plans, you would like your fans and the readers at Mediazink, to know about?

I guess not, I will just to try to get better and make cleaner tattoos. You never stop learn and as long as I think tattooing is fun, I will keep getting better.

Final Comment and Gallery:

Jacob Zamore has definitely got what it takes to make it extremely far, in the tattoo industry. His humbleness is only overshadowed by his incredible skill, the hallmark of a great tattoo. Never done learning, no matter how skilled he gets. Hopefully he will keep finding the joy in tattooing, as we want to see a lot more of his work in the future. Especially if he gets to do a full bodysuit. We are sure he will accomplish his goals.

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