Jack The Lad; Oldest Person Ever to Get a (First) Tattoo:

Jack the Lad is a British great grandfather who is to say the least, impressive. Not only is Jack over 100 years old (hopefully he is still alive we have not been able to check). But 2 years ago at the age of 104 years of age, Jack got his first tattoo. Making him not only the oldest person to get a first tattoo, but the oldest person ever in history, to get a tattoo.

Jack didn’t just get the tattoo for a laugh, he actually made his world record attempt all about charity. Giving to others through his experience. He collected over 2000£ for Ashgate Hospice, making sure others can live their life out with dignity and get help. The old guy wasn’t even scared about his first tattoo ever, saying that he looked forward to it when he was interviewed for British TV.

So now the question lingering on your mind is probably, what did Jack have tattooed? Well he might have been 104, but like a teenager getting his first tattoo. Jack went with his name and his birth date. But that is one impressive achievement to show off, when the year says 1912, and you have lived through 2 world wars.

Final Comment:

We sure hope Jack the Lad, is still alive. The world needs more selfless and awesome people like him. People that live their life to the fullest. We wish him all the best and hope he never regretted his tattoo. Indeed it is you can never be too old, you can always live your life and be yourself, it is never too late.

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